Xo Communications: Main Networking Solutions Provider

XO Communications is really a telecommunications company that gives voice, data and also Internet protocol [Internet Protocol] services to small and medium-sized businesses, big enterprises, cable companies, content providers, telecommunications companies as well as wireless service providers in more than seventy-five main metropolitan markets throughout the United States.

Xo Communications: Main Networking Solutions Provider

Owned by XO Holdings, Inc. (XOHO), XO is a facilities-based backbone provider in the United States which operates a nationwide multi-10 Gigabit transit-free network (sometimes marketed as a Tier 1 network) and owns substantial fiber optic network assets, which include an 18,000 route-mile inter-city network and more than 9,000 route-miles within 40 big metropolitan markets.

Xo Communications: Main Networking Solutions Provider

XO currently bears a lot more than 15 billion minutes of Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) traffic throughout its network annually.

Xo Communications: Main Networking Solutions Provider

Its [XOs] services are concentrated specifically on businesses, government, domestic and international telecommunications service providers, cable companies, content providers and mobile wireless companies.

Xo Communications: Main Networking Solutions Provider

XO Communications delivers customers the appropriate network, the best solutions and an unique focus on delivering the most effective customer experience.

Its three main business units are XO Business Services which supplies advanced VoIP, Internet, handled network, and hosted IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, enterprises and government agencies while XO Carrier Services presents high-bandwidth Internet protocol and inter-city network transport services for domestic and international carriers, providers, cable companies and mobile wireless companies.

Another is XO Small Business Services which offers a range of Software-as-a-Service applications to help rising companies manage and expand their businesses. These types of services consist of hosted e-mail and messaging, site and applications hosting, domain management, and professional services related to these types of services.

Furthermore, the company supplies a broad range of services to businesses and its wholesale consumers such Local and Long Distance Voice services; Devoted Internet Access services; MPLS IP-VPN; VPLS; Internet protocol PBX; SIP; SIP trunking; Ethernet; VoIP; Private Line services; Wavelength services; IP Transit; VoIP Origination; VoIP Termination; Colocation services; Managed Services (hardware, voice and data packages); Wireless Ethernet and Private Line Access; Website Hosting; Web Development; and Website Design.

Likewise, XO Communications operates a nationwide multi-terabit network which supplies industry-leading IP and network solutions at the quickest speeds available today. It’s got built state-of-the-art network from the ground up with the industrys most advanced Internet protocol and optical technology available. Its unrivalled network assets include nationwide IP and transport networks, metro networks, broadband wireless access and connectivity to global service locations for door-to-door delivery of customer traffic nationwide and around the globe.

Many of the companys network assets are 1) approximately a million miles of metro fiber, 2) 19,000-route mile nationwide inter-city fiber network, 3) almost 1,000 central office collocations, 4) a lot more than 3,000 fiber-fed buildings on-net, 5) greater than fifty collocation facilities across the country, 6) entirely peered Tier 1 Internet protocol network with more than a hundred private and public peering relationships, 7) 28-31 Ghz broadband wireless spectrum in seventy-five markets, and 8) a lot more than twenty billion VoIP minutes annually.

Author is an AT&T master solution provider who specializes in helping customers make the most out of their communication and network needs. He works tirelessly to provide powerful, efficient and cost effective solutions, such as XO Communications and business phone service, to address clients communications needs.

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