Why Use Uk Mobile Marketing Solutions?

It has become a core part of today’s marketing strategies to include mobile marketing solutions. In the UK, SMS marketing has taken off as it has proven to vastly increase conversions, add more power to business processes and reduce costs.

Why Use Uk Mobile Marketing Solutions?

Some facts:

Why Use Uk Mobile Marketing Solutions?

– over 3 billion potential mobile phone owners worldwide
– 95 percent of all the text messages are read within 5 minutes
– 80 percent of mobile phone owners have their cell phones with them all day

Why Use Uk Mobile Marketing Solutions?

Many services have sprung up; the best know how to deliver client driven service values that can help a range of verticals such as marketing agencies and start-up brands. UK mobile solutions are cost effective and easy to use. There are no requirements for time draining learning curves, in most cases; it is just as easy as point and click.

Why Use Uk Mobile Marketing Solutions?

Some examples of services offered by mobile SMS solution providers include:

– SMS marketing services
– Text message advertising
– Bulk text buying

For years, conventional email marketing methods have sent messages for brands to opt-in databases selling coupons, and special offers. Social media also plays a huge part with the explosion in twitter posts and facebook discussions. These platforms provide quick access to short messages that can be sent out to lists very quickly. UK mobile marketing solutions make effective use of the short text message by targeting it to specific target groups.

The main advantage of mobile targeting is that it targets devices that are always on. This means there is a higher conversion rate on clicks to ads. In this way, targeted text messages can launch a product, promote a sales activity, and gather feedback from customers; it is a cost efficient process.

UK mobile SMS services cost less than TV or radio advertising packages and can be set up faster than a social media campaign using web portals. Each recipient is able to gain instant access to all marketing alerts. This enhances the customer-brand relationship and helps grow loyalty over a product life cycle. So, if you have a credible product to sell, customers will want to read any texts received – if targeted.

Mobile marketing solutions allow brands to grow or content providers to start strong mobile campaigns. It is the wave of the future within marketing campaigns and now is the time to embrace its ability to extend the reach of a brand.

UK mobile marketing – cost effective advertising with impact. Your audience is permanently switched-on, impulsive, and ready to interact. For further information on mobile marketing, please call BusinessGen on 029 2009 1952.

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