Why Solutions Are Better Than Products In Construction Marketing

The construction industry has been through a tough time. Although the bad news about redundancies, job losses and construction companies going bust is beginning to diminish, we are still hearing reports in the press of hard times for the industry.

Why Solutions Are Better Than Products In Construction Marketing

Most construction business owners are waking up to the necessity to have a robust marketing strategy to meet the new demands they are facing. The competition is fierce, everyone chases the same job, finance is tight and the once lucrative construction market is being held back by government cuts.

Why Solutions Are Better Than Products In Construction Marketing

However, it’s not all doom and gloom! With the right construction marketing strategy in place, and with a little of the ‘thinking outside of the box’ attitude and a whole lot of nerve, the industry can become highly profitable again.

Why Solutions Are Better Than Products In Construction Marketing

One of the keys to future growth is to grasp a simple truth. It’s not so much about the products we offer, it’s about the solutions we bring.

Why Solutions Are Better Than Products In Construction Marketing

Think about the problems your potential clients come to you with. What does it REALLY take to solve their problems? By offering your client an attractive package of services that will offer solutions to their problems, you will be laying the foundation for keeping that client for life. And loyalty is priceless.

How can this work in practice?

Offer your clients a Pre-Construction / Pre-Project Service. This could include Land Survey, Project Feasibility Study, Planning Applications, Initial Design Stage and bringing together a Project Team. Any contractor, large or small, can get involved at this early stage and out-source if necessary. The important thing is that your client is relieved of the burden of trying to sort everything out – you can do it for them. You are offering SOLUTIONS.

If you are a Fit-Out Contractor or Remodeler, make sure you have all the up to date brochures from recommended suppliers and be ready to give professional advice at every stage of the project. If there are government restrictions, legislation to overcome or complicated forms to fill in – offer to help.

Value Engineering is also a way of offering solutions to your clients. This means you will be monitoring the project from start to finish and will be ready to recommend cost savings without loss of quality.

It’s good to develop a network of key partners including sources of funding for construction project – especially in this current economic climate. If you have reliable sources of funding, this can present an enormous competitive advantage for your company and offer practical solutions for the development of viable projects that may not get off the ground without your help.

Steve Flashman is a Marketing & Business Development Consultant in the Construction Industry. He is a writer and broadcaster and has produced a groundbreaking Masterclass Video Course for personal and staff training
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