Whats Cool About Coconuts

A switch to a raw, vegan, natural foods lifestyle requires a little creativity and a lot of getting used to. It may feel at first as if we are giving up more than we are gaining.

Whats Cool About Coconuts

When I became a ‘raw dude’ I expanded my tastes by experimenting and attempting different foods that I previously paid small or no attention to. One of these newfound treasures was coconut.

Whats Cool About Coconuts

I am blessed to live in a tropical climate where coconuts grow in abundance so that also had an influence on my desire to include more coconut in my daily diet. I’ve heard amazing things about the healing properties of coconut oil- some of which I will share in this article in hopes that you’ll be convinced to give coconut a try.

Whats Cool About Coconuts

You can’t maintain a great oil down!

Whats Cool About Coconuts

The false and misleading information that has been widely distributed marking coconut oil, or saturated fats, as bad was pushed by the corn oil business. As we know, whenever large profits are at stake, the truth is hidden and replaced with lies to support the profit agenda.

Nevertheless, coconut oil which is far much more nutritious and beneficial than corn oil, safflower oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, and even olive oil- contains no harmful trans-fatty acids. Trans-fats can raise LDLs, commonly recognized as ‘bad’ cholesterol, and result in heart illness, stroke, diabetes, and a lot more.

Coconut oil increases metabolism and supports healthy weight reduction.

Coconut oil’s saturated fat is a medium-chain fatty acid which means it is digested a lot more effortlessly than other fats. Whereas, other fats are stored within the body’s cells, the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil are rapidly broken down and converted into energy putting less strain on the liver, pancreas, and digestive system. By activating the metabolism, coconut oil is outstanding for those with thyroid issues.

Coconut oil is antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-cancerous. It enhances the immune system by destroying lipid-coated viruses like HIV, herpes, influenza, and various pathogenic bacteria.

There are many uses for pure, virgin coconut oil. If you are interested in getting a more in-depth view of healthy saturated fats that should be included in your diet plan, Dr. Mary Enig’s, Eat Fat, Lose Fat : The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats, can be a clear, understandable read on ‘good’ fats. Dr. Enig provides plenty of information on coconut oil along with other healthy, saturated fats.

Uses of Coconut Oil:

As a stable cooking oil
salad dressing
shakes, smoothies, juices
skin moisturizer
massage oil

I feel the best and most complete rewards come from the whole, natural coconut eaten regularly as a component of a natural foods diet. But should you don’t happen to have a coconut tree in your backyard then you must make certain you are obtaining the highest quality virgin coconut oil.

Some requirements to look for would be:

certified organic, USDA standards
low-level heating to preserve natural nutrients
created from fresh coconuts, not dried
no chemical additives
no refinement
no hydrogenation
no hybridized coconuts

Superior high quality makes a huge difference, not just in regards to wellness and safety, but also in regards to taste and cooking quality if you use it in sautees and stir-frys. Nevertheless you use your coconut oil, you’ll be able to be assured that you might be fortifying yourself with healthy, natural foods that taste excellent and are good for you!

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