What to Do Before a Facelift Operation

Facelift or rhytidectomy is as complex a procedure as any other forms of cosmetic and functional surgery. Patients should observe pre-operative care to prevent complications during and after the operation. During the planning state, the physician or surgeon usually orients the patient of the things to prepare prior to the operation. Preparation includes certain activities covered by post-operative treatment.

What To Do Before A Facelift Operation

A patient must avoid smoking at least two weeks before the operation. For intense diagnosis, smoking is prohibited six months prior to the operation and six months after the operation. Nicotine and other compounds present in smoking can hinder or inhibit recovery. To obtain optimum recovery results, a patient should avoid staying in smoking areas, as well.

What To Do Before A Facelift Operation

Intake of aspirin must also be minimized before the operation. Patients who have had ingested a certain dosage of aspirin suffered clotting problems due to the thinning of the blood. Surgeons in developed cities like Tampa and Wesley Chapel are very particular with any serious medications to be minimized prior to the operation. This is to keep the body of the patient in good condition, and non-resistant to the medications required in the facelift.

What To Do Before A Facelift Operation

High blood pressure or hypertension may cause complications during the operation. Patients with high blood pressure are likely to face certain risks of bruising and severe bleeding when incisions are made. Experts in facelift tampa recommend frequent checkups with a physician to monitor the blood pressure and keep it normal until the facelift is done.

What To Do Before A Facelift Operation

While incisions for facelift wesley chapel are made in some parts of the head, patients who are used to dying their hair should do so at least a week before the operation. They might not be able to do it during the post-operative treatment. They are also advised to store food in their fridges in preparation for being incapable to prepare concrete meals while allowing the wound to cure.

After the operation, the patient’s body is still numb and cannot perform regular tasks. Experts in facelift tampa require that a patient be accompanied with a friend or family member, as he/she may not be able to drive home himself/herself. Daily activities will be severely affected during the first few days of the post-operative treatment. If the patient does not have anyone to assist, light meal and comfortable materials at home will make living quite easy.

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