What is Engine Tuning

A car’s engine is usually behind the performance of a car. However, when cars are being manufactured, manufacturers usually limit the power output of car. This is such that a car will consume less fuel and be less powerful. Engine tuning is whereby an engine of a car is modified in order for its performance to be improved. Engine tuning can be done to improve speeds of a car by eliminating any set speed limits. This also means that a car will consume more fuel. This is because the engine consumes more fuel to produce more power. It will as well emit more gases.

What Is Engine Tuning

Engine tuning can also be done for economic purposes. This is in instances whereby a car’s owner wants to spend less on fuel. The engine will be tuned to consume less fuel. But however, the car will be limited in terms of performance. Engine tuning can as well affect other parts of the car thus it is necessary to be carried by an expert and ensure that all parts are well configured. When tuning is not done well, the car will end up deteriorating in performance rather than improving. The engine will also be prone to damage.

What Is Engine Tuning

Power output of an engine is not only based on amount of fuel consumed by a car. Amount of oxygen injected into the engine for combustion to take place also matters. For instance, engine tuning ensures that timing of valves is modified to ensure more oxygen is injected in for maximum combustion to take place. When fuel is well burnt, more energy is produced.

What Is Engine Tuning

When parts of the engine are changed, engine tuning is usually advised in order for performance of a car not to be compromised by alteration of engine parts. For instance, if an exhaust system s replaced with a new one, it is important for the engine to be tuned in order for all parts to match performance-wise.

What Is Engine Tuning

When the engine is tuned, not only will the car have more power, its drivability will also be improved. Starting the car will always be smooth as the carburetors, sparking and piston functions have been tuned to their best performance levels. Acceleration of a car whose engine has been tuned is usually smooth. Issues of a car engine knocking will also be eliminated when the engine is tuned.

Engine tuning or ECU Remapping is very common in race cars whereby they are often fitted with turbo engines. This is whereby a car will be fitted with turbo charges that results in more powerful compression during combustion. The result is more power produced by the engine and a car is faster on the road. Energy in turbo engines is usually sourced from the exhaust after combustion takes place. The car thus will not only have power from fuel but also from gases being emitted via the exhaust after combustion.


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