What is a Commercial Food Processor?

First off, a commercial food processor is not a blender although they are similar. There are several differences in the design and operation of a such a processor and a blender. Thus the first thing is being able to identify these differences.

What Is A Commercial Food Processor?

The first difference is seen in the type of blades. A blender has fixed blades while a commercial food processor has exchangeable blades to suit whatever processing function it’s been used for. The second difference is that a blender’s operation requires addition of water in order for the blades to perform their blending functions. A food processor on the other usually requires no water or just very little for the blades to work. A third difference is found in the shape and design of the plastic bowls.

What Is A Commercial Food Processor?

So what’s a commercial food processor? It’s basically a device or appliance that is employed in the process of food preparation to facilitate the ease of carrying out monotonous tasks. And of course a commercial food processor is used for commercial purposes unlike a domestic food processor made for home use.

What Is A Commercial Food Processor?

The Robot-Coupe commercial food processor was the first type to be produced and it was powered by a really large motor. However, a lot of refinements have been made to give us the various types and brands of processors available today. Well, as mentioned earlier food processors were manufactured to carry out monotonous kitchen tasks more effectively and also to reduce the amount of time spent on such tasks. Some of the functions of a commercial food processing unit include: Mixing and kneading of dough, slicing and chopping of vegetables, grinding of meat, nuts and seeds, grating or shredding cheese and anything else you can imagine.

What Is A Commercial Food Processor?

These tasks all consume a lot of time if they are to be carried out manually, but thanks to the commercial food processor, you don’t have to go through such stress especially in a commercial food establishment like yours, where time is vital in order to provide excellent service. All you have to do is operate your food processor. And the great thing about most of these processors is the simplicity that comes with their operation. There is no great technicality involved in operating your food processor. Once you’ve put in whatever food you want to process, all you need to do is cover it up and push the on button. There’s also a feed tube that allows you to introduce additional ingredients.

Always remember that it is very important for you to get the right one and this means that it should be perfect in every way. It should be the right size, the right type and it should cost the right price! These little details are what is going to make the whole difference. There is no right or wrong guidance for this as every person has to follow his own taste, needs and budget. I am only trying to explain that choosing the right one is not a simple task and you should make sure that you understand every aspect thoroughly before choosing the right one for you! I know that it may sound funny to some but believe me, take the time to understand why choosing the best one is important and you won’t regret it! I will try to write a few more articles on this subject as I am certain that we can all benefit from this!

This is Lydia-Clelia Stonewood and I am here to explore another kitchen appliance with you. This time a quite bigger one! One would think that commercial food processors is a subject that doesn’t have much to talk about. Well I’m here to prove those people wrong. A commercial food processor is a very important issue as it is usually associated with someone’s business and this is a very important part of that person’s life! I will try to make sure I explain everything concerning this appliance so that you will be able to make the right choice when the time comes for you to buy one!

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