What Does It Mean To Loose Pounds And Gain Inches?

I hear it all the time from all sorts of people. They tell me I keep seeing ads that say I can loose pounds and gain inches. What does that mean, and how is that supposed to help me reach my weight loss goals?

What Does It Mean To Loose Pounds And Gain Inches?

This is actually a complex issue, and the two ideas arent necessarily connected, although they can be. One losing pounds relates to your weight loss goals, the other gaining inches describes the building of muscle instead of fat as you lose weight.

What Does It Mean To Loose Pounds And Gain Inches?

Part of the problem with many fat loss diets is that they focus on the weight loss aspects of the program to the exclusion of everything else. It may seem like a good idea, but it really isnt.

What Does It Mean To Loose Pounds And Gain Inches?

Why Gain Inches?
If the program you are considering completely ignores the exercise component, leaving it to exercise regularly then find a new program. Chances are that you will lose some fat, but mostly your losses will come from losing water weight and muscle. Not an idea situation. Exercise, the right exercise, is a critical part of developing a new body.

What Does It Mean To Loose Pounds And Gain Inches?

You will need two things to ensure the development of new muscle tissue: plenty of protein and high intensity exercises. In combination with proper nutrition, these two ingredients will lead you to lose pounds of fat.

Describe the exercise to me please?
Most programs that claim to help people lose weight actually encourage long, regular bouts of cardiovascular exercise. There is something to be said for that kind of exercise, it promotes endurance, helps develop your cardio system, and can improve your cholesterol readings. On the other hand, it doesnt really do much for weight loss.

What happens is that your body and brain quickly pick up on your need to have plenty of endurance, but not much muscle mass. Your metabolism slows down in response to the need it will have the next time you do a long workout. It is actually counterproductive in weight loss over the long term.

Short, intense exercise sessions that include weight or resistance training do the opposite. Your body doesnt have time to develop endurance; instead, it learns to build muscle to help you in your intense bursts of activity. Sprints, lunges, step ups and short bursts of quick cycling or treadmill time are enough. Do some lifts between each cardio spurt, use the nautilus equipment, some free weights or some resistance bands. Finish up with a 5 minute cool down on a treadmill and get on with your day.

So Can I Really Loose Pounds and Gain Inches?
The only way that you will loose pounds and gain inches is if you do both things; eat right and exercise properly. Now, there is nothing wrong with just losing pounds, but understand that part of the weight you are losing will be muscle mass if you arent extremely careful. Exercise, even moderate exercise, will help you keep your current muscles.

If you want to do more than just lose some weight, though, you really need to get on the right exercise program. Yes, it might appear to slow your weight loss down at first, but as you develop the new muscle mass, your weight loss will accelerate, and you will look terrific to boot.

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