What Does Hosted Voip Mean To My Business In 2011?

The corporate world is a fluid creature which moves, shifts and expands at a constant rate and brooks no lagging behind. In an age of free flowing communication, and the sharing of information, the competition level has never been higher. With this in mind a company which intends to either become successful or remain on top requires every advantage that it can muster, and telecommunications are key to a winning business plan. To that end we have listed the ten major advantages of the latest business phone systems.

What Does Hosted Voip Mean To My Business In 2011?

1: Lower Expenditure

What Does Hosted Voip Mean To My Business In 2011?

As we begin to surface from a crippling global recession it becomes more vital than ever to ensure that cost expenditures are tightly managed and that your business has cut off whatever unnecessary fat it can. Dropping your communication costs by upgrading to new VoIP systems allows you to do just this. A further highlight is that the switch can be done without huge capital investment by making use of hosted VoIP which does not require payment for the new hardware.

What Does Hosted Voip Mean To My Business In 2011?

2: Cut back on IT Support

What Does Hosted Voip Mean To My Business In 2011?

There is nothing quite as infuriating and wasteful as suffering from a technical issue which shuts down half your business while you wait for feedback and solutions from an IT department. VoIP systems do not rely heavily on IT support and the intuitive, straightforward management scheme allows for anyone in your office to administrate and control the system.

3: Decreased operating costs

Your businesses communications web is intimately linked to its chances of maintained or increased success but few corporations have the excess capital to expend on a phone system. Maintenance and operating costs are high when installing a new system, due to the need for servers and hardware, but with hosted VoIP this is no longer a factor as an affordable monthly fee is attached as an intelligent alternative. This also means that you have not purchased non-asset liabilities in the form of hardware, which devalues over time.

4: Communication security

Due to the fact that the servers for your new VoIP com system are not housed on your actual premises you are assured of continued and reliable phone lines, regardless of any emergencies in your area which would ordinarily disrupt communications. From power outages to thundering earthquakes, nothing will disrupt your lines of communication. Can your competitors claim the same?

5: Fluid growth control

The out-dated phone hardware is limiting in many ways due to the inherent inflexibility of the system. Should you wish to expand you’re required to order more hardware. On the other hand, should you suddenly find that you have over extended, cutting back on expensive and superfluous equipment is no simple matter. VoIP providers allow you to meet new requirements without high expenses or costly delays. Use a system that meets your demands – on demand.

6: Limitless options

Outmoded phone systems are not compatible with other highly popular (or any) digital systems. This means that your business is entirely incapable of integrating multiple vital communication systems into a single network. VoIP on the other hand, can be connected to your Outlook or other management programs. In this case the logging of client calls, orders and requests is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential.

7: Seamless Upgrades

The lack of necessity to upgrade VoIP hardware is yet another cost saver but this does not mean that upgrades are not possible. The software is constantly being improved upon and updated as new options and technologies become available. Due to the outsourcing of your new VoIP system all of your updates will occur in the background of the system. This keeps you constantly up-to-date without interrupting your schedule.

8: Agile Office

VoIP liberates a business from being bound in the office by a phone cord. Not everything that matters takes place within the confines of your walls and you wont always want other people to deal with your communications when you are out of the office. Maximize your efficiency with this mobile system by ensuring that, regardless of your location, you are always in the office.

9: Face to Face

We are all aware that face to face communication is infinitely more productive than a phone call. Being able to read facial expressions and making eye contact are important for effective dialog. Studies have proven that information is more effectively transferred and understood between parties when this is the case and hosted VoIP allows for this in the form of crystal clear video conferencing across the globe. Make a more effective impact in your communications, and get started now.

10: Cut out the distractions

Regardless of your particular industry, you simply do not have the time to deal with a telephone system. VoIP runs everything you require in the background without requiring your attention or costing you a fortune. This allows you to focus on the real business at hand while your employees enjoy utilising advanced communications tools through a simple interface.

Anita Lyon is a Professional freelance SEO Copywriter and writes on various topics. Save time and money by investing in quality business phone systems and connect your business to the world and see where hosted VoiP technology can grow your business.

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