Turn an Exhibition Hall Into a Sensory Experience

Turning an exhibition hall into a sensory experience is really not as easy as it looks – just ask any event company. What you are given is a hall, a space, potential for something fantastic to happen and it is really up to you to use what tools you have to transform this vast empty space, into a concert, into an event, into an unforgettable experience. I have here with me some pointers that you can bring with you when you do approach this subject. No matter what you do in life, everything is an event, and in some way, you might be confronted with a position where you have to plan for an event and the words ‘make it happen’ and thrust into you – together with some hefty responsibility and pretty high expectations.

Turn An Exhibition Hall Into A Sensory Experience

So what do you do? Well the first thing is plan, plan and then plan some more until you know what you want. The best military victories are driven by some of the best laid plans out there and you need to be as micro about this as you can. Give out duties, plan the event, lay out blueprints, draw arrows, get your timelines right and think about who you want to use and when you want to use them. Once you get your thoughts in order, then call up the person in charge of this exhibition hall and let them know about your plans. In an ideal world, these co-ordinators, men and women who sit behind office doors and say ‘yes’ to everything you say would simply smile and say that everything you want will happen. In the real world, you will get the impossibles, the improbables and the ‘I don’t know yet’.

Turn An Exhibition Hall Into A Sensory Experience

All of which are not helpful and will not get you anywhere. Communication is the key here. Compare what you want with that they can offer you and you might want to consider the possibility that your plans may need some tweaking. You can’t ask for a train to come rolling in at the climax of a performance in a shower of fireworks when your exhibition hall isn’t connected to any tracks and is made of the same material as the end of a matchstick is it? Be realistic and soon you will see that your blockbuster bang has some limitations to it. Worry not; exploit every sort of support they can give you – from office, food to audio and visual.

Turn An Exhibition Hall Into A Sensory Experience

You might want to consider getting a producer (if they can furbish you with one) to help you plan the event. Get as much staff as you can and ensure that technicians and trouble shooting personnel are at hand just in case the rafters collapse on your event and your buffet line starts to light afire. Many exhibition halls (the well known ones) in Singapore are able to give you this and much more. With a little bit of research, a lot of planning and plenty of communication, you will be able to turn an exhibition hall into a sensory experience for your audience.

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