Top 5 Law Practice Areas

If you are a student who wishes to study law in future, you might often wonder which practice area you should choose. With different law practice areas, you might often get confused. Secondly, it is the demand for a particular area that is flourishing, or would flourish by the time you graduate. You might be thinking about being a foreclosure legal professional or a bankruptcy lawyer, as they are the professions that are most in demand. However, apart from these, many other areas might also be popular and may take you a long way in your future.

Top 5 Law Practice Areas

* Civil Litigation:

Top 5 Law Practice Areas

The tough economic times have really increased the number of litigations per year. Because business is not thriving as it was expected, many business professionals are looking for legal professionals to help them manage financial losses. Moreover, they are looking at litigation so they do not have to pay the money they borrowed. Nowadays, there is an increased demand of legal professionals who know complex fields of civil litigation, such as, commercial litigation, insurance defense, class actions, labor and employment, personal injury lawsuits and regulatory actions.

Top 5 Law Practice Areas

* Green Law:

Top 5 Law Practice Areas

Typically known as Environmental Law, it mainly comprises of laws regarding climate change, greenhouse gases, global warming, etc. In recent years, the advancement in technology has increased. Similarly, the awareness regarding clean technology, renewable energy and managing carbon assets has increased. Eventually, it is believed that in coming years, business professionals are going to seek environmental law professionals who can guide them about green business and sustainability in different issues.

* Labor and Employment Law:

With the recession spreading across, more and more employees are going to be laid off from their jobs. This would increase the number of employment lawsuits. When the recession is over, and the economy is stable again, employees will have jobs and won’t need to file an employment lawsuit. However, the unemployed workers will be facing a financial run-off and would be looking for litigation.

* Intellectual Property Law:

It is the intellectual property of a company that is the most powerful asset. Legal professionals mainly specialize in different fields such as copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights, and trade secrets. With the advancement in science and technology, there would be a large number of businessmen, authors, inventors, musicians and other owners of creative works who will be trying to protect their intellectual property. Therefore, newer inventions and innovative ideas will always have a demand for these professionals.

* E-discovery Practice:

An e-discovery professional mainly is assigned to take care of discovery and management of electronic data. They are also specialized to help in identifying, preserving, reviewing and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation. Sometimes, this is also considered as a section of litigation support.

The above mentioned practice areas are top 5 among all the fields in law. However, the list does not end here. Practice areas and opportunities for a lawyer are limitless. Changes in the upcoming time might also bring about many changes in the demand for different law professionals that we might not consider today. Whatever the changes may be, a legal professional can be sure that he/she will have a long way to go.

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