The Power of Feedback For Online Business

When you begin a business, it is such an exciting time. You start to dream up a few business names, domain names and logos. It is important to remember that your business and your domain name should reflect who you are or what services you offer. There is no point coming up with a trendy name that will mean nothing to someone that sees it. Your business name, logo, or domain name is a good marketing tool so use it wisely.

The Power Of Feedback For Online Business

In business, it is possible to get too close to certain decisions and lose your objectivity, so it is important to have your ideas tested. Ask your family members, friends or even potential customers what they think of your business name, logo or domain names.

The Power Of Feedback For Online Business

Ask yourself these questions: What areas do I need feedback in? Who will give me feedback in a nice constructive manner?

The Power Of Feedback For Online Business

Many successful Entrepreneurs are successful because to the people that they surround themselves with. Those people can make all the difference, they can guide and help you and at the end of the day it is the people that make a team, company, or organisation.

It is very important to test the market and listen for feedback. Feedback can bring you objectivity in an area that you may be too close to. Can you afford to the test the whole marketplace when you’re starting up a business? No! But asking a sample of the market, including people that you love and want you to succeed, and getting their constructive views, can really help.

After receiving feedback from these people it is important that you then take the time to reflect on the opinions that were giving to you.

If your gut reaction is to ignore the feedback – do give it a bit of time. You might realise that the feedback was right.

The Power of Feedback for Online Business

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