The festival of Practice vegetarianism

So that eat vegetarian is eat the food before noon like the monk in Buddhism.

The Festival Of Practice Vegetarianism

The Buddhist is that in the practice will not eat the food in the afternoon. But the Buddhist in China is not eating the meat. So the people cumulative about Buddhist in Thai and China generate to this festival. The point to eat vegetarian is for health because vegetarian food is the food that in type of healthy food.

The Festival Of Practice Vegetarianism

If you continue to eat vegetarian food your body will coming to balance. You can abandon you bane out of your body. You have to eat with merciful mind. You have to eat vegetarian food because you merciful with animal. You think animal have a mind like you and have to mind to scare to die like the human.

The Festival Of Practice Vegetarianism

Eat vegetarian to skip your karma. If you eat meat you will kill one life this is mean that you are generate karma. It will generate to your body you will have shorten age like you do with animal. So that if you eat vegetarian your body will grow but you are not necessary to build the karma.

The Festival Of Practice Vegetarianism

The thing you have to do in vegetarian festival is prohibit eating meat or assaulting animals. Also, you are prohibited to eat milk butter oil from animal and the food that spicy. Besides, you have prohibited on vegetable that have tang. That is Garlic, onions, tobacco, Uuicnri etc.

For the peoples are stick you can white shirt and screen you war for your food out from meat. Somewhere you can see nine lamps for recognize favor of mother and father for the offerings Buddha. In this festival you can see yellow flag with the red color. Chinese people are thinks that red color is color of fortune and yellow is color of the people who are sin.

This is a symbol of vegetarian and this is a message to warn the people who practice in time 9 day and 9 nights. Vegetarian festival in Thailand is not only Thai-Chinese people only. But now are expanding to Thai Buddhism also new teenager that is like to eat vegetarian.

Almost all provinces have a festival of vegetarian to facilities the people who eat vegetarian. Some provinces are having a great festival and remain this good culture. The people who interesting this festival will join like in Phuket Trang etc. in the hotel Bangkok like royal view resort is mediate on this festival also. We also have vegetarian food serve you all time for the people who eat vegetarian.



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