Taking Complaints in a Positive Way

Squawkers ordinarily are not the favorite persons for many people. Why? Because they complain a lot; they talk a lot; and they simply make life miserable with their constant grumbling and complaints. And most of the time, the squawkers are argumentative, difficult to please, and irritating.

Taking Complaints In A Positive Way

But despite their unlovable characteristics, as a business owner and marketer, there are valid reasons why you should love them. As a complainer, a customer can do you a big favor by telling you about what is not right with the service they got from you. The complaints you get from them are often keys for you to improve on your sales, retain your customers, and build loyalty.

Taking Complaints In A Positive Way

If you are an online printing firm for example, or even a traditional printing company, a complainer will tell you if the output you give them is not what they expect from what they paid for. Or they didn’t like the way your customer representative talked to them about an issue they raised. So on and so forth.

Taking Complaints In A Positive Way

But instead of complaining about the complainers; you should love them instead. You should give them your time and energy to listen to what they have to say about your type of customer service.

Taking Complaints In A Positive Way

Complaints are what you should look for every time you go out and provide your type of service. The complaints you get are often the key to getting information that can increase your sales opportunities and retention of your customers. Your business would never be able to succeed if you don’t pay attention to the complainer.

A complainer is actually doing you a favor, as I’ve said before. The customers who complain are extensions of your studies, research and testing that can give you details on how to provide quality assurance with your offers. What’s more, you don’t have to set aside a budget for this particular research because your complainers will provide you with valuable and real feedback for free. All you have to give them is your time and effort to actually listen to what they have to say about your business – what isn’t working for them, what you’re not doing, and how you can improve on your customer service. The information you’ll get from these complaints can go a long way in helping you establish and build a strong relationship with your customers that can last for a long time.

As we all know, most businesses lose their customers without knowing why and what happened. Unhappy customers are notorious for just walking out without a word or sound. They’re like thieves at night; they don’t make a noise. They just go away without you knowing about it. So you finally find yourself without any customers and even referrals are hard to come by because the same dissatisfied clients would have talked about you to their acquaintances. There goes your reputation.

So be glad that you have complainers in your midst. Celebrate that these people put effort to tell you what’s wrong so you can improve your stuff. The data you get can make for big improvements that can validate or invalidate your processes and systems, as well as your products and services.

Value the information they give you by rewarding your complainers. This would convey a very good image of you as being open to customer feedback and comments. And it would mean that you will be able to provide a long term solution that can fix the problem not only of your current customer, but your future clients as well who would definitely complain about the same issue if you haven’t done something about it this early.

Thank your customers, reward them for providing you with inputs to improve on your customer service, and let them feel their power as well as your responsiveness to their action. This would definitely strengthen even the smallest bond you have with your customers and clients.

Just think about this: your customers cared enough to tell you about a problem so you can fix it. They value your expertise and think of you highly that they gave you the opportunity to make things right. Isn’t that one very good reason to love and save your customer?

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