Solution For Slow Growing Hair

Slow growing hair is generally caused by hereditary or genetic factors. Here in this article we provide you some tips and ideas to reduce slow growing hair.

Solution For Slow Growing Hair

If you find that your hair is not growing properly from long time then once visits to a doctor. First you need to know how you hair is like this? Remember that a strand of hair grows out of its follicle during a period that is called anagen phase and it takes two to six years. When the follicle shrinks and starts to pass away, the strand stops growing and causes telogen phase. So many factors can lead to slow-growing hair like heredity, hormonal imbalance, dry scalp, improper diet etc.

Solution For Slow Growing Hair

Treatment of Slow-Growing Hair :-

Solution For Slow Growing Hair

You can get healthy hair and stop slow growing hair by following the below tips and ideas.

Solution For Slow Growing Hair

Our hairs need protein to grow well. So, we have to take protein rich food like fish and poultry, green vegetables, whole grains, eggs, dairy products, beans and nuts. It does not mean that by having well balanced food hairs grows first and look healthy immediately but the nutrients help in hair growth gradually.

Do not use over hair products and hair styling tool. That may damage your hair and make it weak. Let your hair go natural and get a healthy hair.

Trim your hair regularly at least in every 2 months. This will keep your hair away from split ends and hair breaking.

Have some prescribed vitamin to stop hair loss and make your hair healthy.

In some cases hair is not slow-growing but it falls out. Hair fall causes due to severe stress and illness. But hair can grow back within 2 to 3 months. If you find that hair falls out in patches then go for some topical medication to fix the problem.

Split ends are also a related factor when we talk about slow hair growth. Split ends occur usually in dry hair. It is one of the common hair problems. Split ends can be avoided with proper care and treatment. Regular trimming is the best way to get rid of split ends.

Certain medications also results slow hair growth. In such cases you should immediately contact with your doctor and take proper medication.

You cannot make slow-growing hair grow faster immediately but you can make your hair healthy and strong with proper care.

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