Solution for Pollution

I find it odd, all the money spent on protocols to stem the pollution capitalism is dumping on our planet. The solution is quite simple… stop capitalism. Stop consuming and processing resources in the name of profit. I for one am quite willing to give up the little plastic toys in my cracker jacks boxes if it means I’ll have clean air and water in the near future. I know it will be tough for all of us to live without mantle piece nick knacks and trophies, but if thats what it takes, lets do it.

Solution For Pollution

Ten years ago David Suzuki and many other were saying ‘in 10 years we’ll be drinking bottled water’ and hey, they were right, I see bottled water in every bar, household, and vending machine.

Solution For Pollution

Pollution now is killing thousands daily around the world. Currently its limited to the very old and weak with chronic problems more susceptible to such things. But what do you think its going to be like in another 5 years, bottled air? And another 5 years after that? Maybe no air left to bottle.

Solution For Pollution

The pollution is only compounding daily, more factories are being built, air and water contaminants are growing exponentially. Things like the ‘kyoto protocol’ are just lip service to placate the tree huggers into thinking something is actually being done to stop it.

Solution For Pollution

This is the legacy our parents have left us. Their generation and their capitalism have done this. And they have passed the same mindset onto our generation.

We can solve the problem tomorrow if we really wanted to. Just shut down all non essential production. Keep stuff like power production, housing, food production, textiles, communications, essentially all infrastructure production. But shut down everything else.

If you have children, enjoy them now while u can, because they likely won’t live for another 10-20 years. At the rate we’re going, Gaia won’t be able to sustain life in another decade.

Start learning to live without the nick knacks now on a voluntary basis, as in the near future, we wont have the choice.

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