Solution Broquet Fuel Pump Clogged

Premium fuel quality is less well perceived. Even these days many consumers who complained about their vehicles clogged fuel pump. The result can reduce engine performance and fuel pump wounding function so that the machine could be dead.

Solution Broquet Fuel Pump Clogged

The reason is sewage sludge from Premium with sulfur content and air humidity are still high. “Since 10 years ago, when we drain the fuel the car, found berkelir brown precipitate a potentially clog the fuel pump. However please note, not only because of the fuel problem, but conditions in the tropical climate has high humidity Indonesiayang make quality fuel to be decreased, “said Setiady Sungkono, President Director of Broquet Indonesia.

Solution Broquet Fuel Pump Clogged

Another cause is the presence of specific microbes that live and breed in the fuel. These microbes remove dirt in the form of acid that makes the fuel composition to be damaged.

Solution Broquet Fuel Pump Clogged

“Broquet catalyst will maintain fuel quality. These devices function as an antiseptic that make microbes in the fuel can not reproduce so as to prevent damage to fuel pump, “added Setiady.

Solution Broquet Fuel Pump Clogged

Broquet Fuel Catalyst can be applied to the car petrol / diesel and motorcycle. Moreover, the quality of diesel fuel (diesel), especially outside Java, the quality is quite bad. “Including the latest tech diesel cars / common-rail, such as Mitsubishi Pajero Sport decent add fuel catalyst devices to prevent damage to the engine,” said Strategy and which has become a distributor Broquet in Indonesia since 10 last year.

Understand terminology and Economical Compact Cars

Often we hear manufacturers say about the compact and economical car. These two sentences can not just compared. There is a difference between the two.

So you do not be fooled by the “compact car” and “economy car” and describes. It’s quite important, especially for you yng want to shop a new car at IIMS 2010.


Vehicle manufacturers to install the terminology to distinguish each model of car manufactured. One is a model called the “compact” and “economical”. The purpose of this terminology distinction to help consumers distinguish between price and tax burden.

Physical Size

Economical cars generally have a size smaller than compact cars. Economical car in the Indonesian market is characterized by small dimensions, and only have two or four doors, without the baggage area.

Passenger Capacity

Differences economical compact car and the car also appeared in the interior space. Although too small compact car, but the leg room provided the economic cars are generally more narrow. Limits economical passenger cars are also only four adults, while the compact car can be filled five passengers.

Fuel Efficiency

Average fuel consumption is economical cars smaller than compact cars. To prove this you can see on the test specification fuel that made the vehicle manufacturer.


Although the Indonesian government has provided incentives for fuel-efficient cars, but the average price of economical cars cheaper than a compact car.

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