Small Touches Make For a Big Practice

This last week I received a phone call from a client of mine. She left a brief message thanking me for a card I sent her. She was so touched, that she took time out of her day to remark that she was taken back and pleasantly surprised when she opened it up and read the brief note.

Small Touches Make For A Big Practice

“I was touched by the card you sent. I just had to let you know that was a thoughtful gesture and I look forward to our next session.”

Small Touches Make For A Big Practice

This busy professional had just completed her third session with me. She had made great strides in the work we did together. I wrote her a brief, handwritten note saying I was proud of her success and looking forward to our future sessions.

Small Touches Make For A Big Practice

Someone might say this is a small thing to do. I think it is too. I wasn’t sending her a bouquet of roses or bottle of champagne.

Small Touches Make For A Big Practice

It cost me less than 40 cents and three minutes of my time. It was just a simple, note card expressing my heart felt appreciation of her as a client and cheering her on.

Guess what? After her next session, she booked another session package with me.

You see it’s these small touches that make for a BIG practice. When I show Practitioners how to build a successful practice, I teach how important these small touches of communication are because:

1. They know you care about them personally, they aren’t just ‘another client’

2. They know they are being hear and appreciated

3. You stay ‘top of mind.’ Sometimes your client will tack the card on the refrigerator or their desk and others will ask them, ‘Whose that card from?’ Instant advertisement!

4. It just plain feels great to you and the receiver!

It’s the small touches that count!

When your client or patient has a high-touch experience with you from the moment they pick up the phone or go to your website to the moment they are opening up a thank you card or a ‘just checking in with you’ email after the first session, they will be loyal to you, refer others and have high regard for you as a Practitioner.

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