Simple Solution for Bad Breath

Bad breath can ruin us in such a beautiful evening. Either we have to endure another breath, or we are uncomfortable, because we know that from our mouth diversify not very pleasant smell. This problem is faced by many, but few are aware that MOUTHWASH breath and quickly brushing can not eliminate. Therefore, we have dug five most critical actions in the fight against bad breath!

Simple Solution For Bad Breath

1. Eat a piece of bread

Simple Solution For Bad Breath

You are on a diet without carbohydrates? Bad breath is often a reflection of an unbalanced diet, the so-called ‘ketone’ breath is the result of a diet that excludes carbohydrates. Next time you order a steak without attachments, think about the breath.

Simple Solution For Bad Breath

2. Clean language!

Simple Solution For Bad Breath

Bad breath is usually caused by not sufficiently thorough oral hygiene and poor oral health. Bacteria decompose food residues in the oral cavity and tooth enamel are those that cause bad breath. Therefore, it is essential tooth brushing, as well as flossing – do not forget the language! At each brushing teeth, gently cleaned with a brush, spoon or the edge of the tongue scraper.

Language is like a sponge. It has a myriad of microscopic holes, which collects food, it is to clean teeth without treatment ineffective language.

Mouthwash is otherwise practical for refreshment, but it is more a cosmetic action – does not remove the causes of breath – let the ads fool.

3. Keep gum in stock

Saliva is the most effective weapon against bad breath, they always wash your teeth, tongue and even the oral cavity, thus removing food residues and bacteria that would otherwise have stayed in your mouth. In addition, saliva also contains antiseptic agents and enzymes that destroy unwanted bacteria. So, more than the saliva, the fewer bacteria in our mouth. Chewing gum, sugar free, of course, stimulates the secretion of saliva, while removing particles from the teeth coverings. Chewing gum, sweetened with xylitolom is most effective. Those with a taste of cinnamon to be most successful in the fight against the smelly bacteria.

4. Regular drinking water

If we are dehydrated, have bad breath, so do not forget to drink water even when we are at work. Tap water is an excellent choice. Make sure your drinking water a habit, it often does not see that we are thirsty. Sufficient supply of water bodies has many positive effects on the body – the reduction of bad breath is one of them.

5. Turn off all potential causes for bad breath

Cavities and gum disease are a common cause of breath. Visit the dentist if you feel that bad breath is not the result of spaghetti you ate for dinner, but your constant companion. The dentist will detect all the cavities in your teeth and gum disease and possible to overcome these shortcomings. Even some of the kidney and liver can cause breath odor, so consult your physician if the dentist is not able to find the causes of bad breath.

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