Retirement Investment

What is the most scary things about retirement, knowing for sure you don’t have any idea what if there is no pension fund , health care plans sucks, and most worst is you do not have any idea how to run small business, because your brain are soaked for many years by wrong paradigm telling you what to do in this live, obedient to your superior management organizations will make your life smooth, in fact actually not that smooth, redundancy happens in times of Global Crisis, this is for real, other people who lived in 10% as the rich will not bother such issue, yet people like us living in mediocre are scared with this problems.

Retirement Investment

Ask the government? That is wrong move, government will not help, in fact they will steal your money ,if you have not heard Wiki Leaks, the whole scam government around globe are morally corrupt

Retirement Investment

Only solutions are making your own business, many I believe you have heard, it doesn’t matter if it is small caffee, gettting Starbucks Coffee Shop franchise, Multi Level Marketing etc.

Retirement Investment

The concept is early preparations, when the retrenchment come’s your on the right path, even if your business only make few hundreds dollars per month, the essential part is not  the amount, the learning curve that you have gone through. Remember the old saying “Success is not a destination it is a journey!”

Retirement Investment

You’ll never know how long it will take to succeed; some say learning curves of a business around 2-5 years, some people around 10 years!! The facts remain, based on my offline experience this figure is true!!

Suggestions as to Old Saying, there are no help except self help. Putting the energy to start up your own business, takes amount of energy, as the analogy of an airplane to take off.

Hesitation in human being is natural reaction, especially if you don’t have those entrepreneurs’ guts!

Strong mind power is all there is, you have to fight the fear. Another suggestion is making an online business. With this business role models, you don’t have to worry about, stocks, employee, renting an office, etc.

You only need a computer, Internet Connection, Domain, hosting service and your guts to start!

Well as for what kind of Online Business, you will have to do your own research, just use Google Search Engine, plenty out there. Or take a real world class Online Marketing, they will teach you step by step, don’t go with the ads around Internet using cheap and low trick and not giving you any education how to run a successful Online Marketing.

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