Putting Practice

This article will reveal some great ideas to use next time you’re about to take putt and help sink more than you miss.

Putting Practice

Study the Green

Putting Practice

When you first get the green you need to study where you ball is laying and how far it is away for the hole. There are three main factors which you need to be aware of that will affect your shot, these are speed, run and slope. Studying these factors will help you visualise the line you want to hit the ball down. First start by crouching behind the ball and understand the layout of the green, determine the correct path you want to take to the hole. Make sure you take some time walking from your ball to the hole and back to indicate the correct direction you need to play the shot. This will also identify what (if any) obstacles lie between the hole and ball.

Address and Posture

As with your other golf shots make sure you head is completely still even after you have connected with the ball. When you move your head, you automatically open your shoulders which cause your putter to hit the ball down the wrong line. To ensure your head is completely still keep your eyes focused on the ball, this will ensure your eyes see exactly the line you want to hit your ball. Keep your eyes on the ball and head straight until you hear your golf ball land in the cup!

Visual Aids

Visual aids are a must when you are putting, these are constantly being used by the professionals and even though you may be a novice you need to start visualising. I great visual aid is to mark all your golf balls with the pen, then when cleaning your ball before you putt make sure you line up the pen mark with the target line to the hole. This will help you aim the putter a lot better and give you something to concentrate on to stop you thinking that you might miss the putt.

Practice Putting

One of the main reasons why you and loads of other golfers fail to master their putting is due to lack of putting practice. You will go up to the driving once or twice a week and also a pre match practice, but how often do you go to the putting green to practice. Practicing as much as you do your driving will dramatically change your game, remember a high percentage of shots will be your putts. Practice will give you so much more confidence and understanding of your putter, which will be a major benefit to you on the course.

Taking the fewest number of putts on the green is simple to achieve if you follow these proven principles in this article. Perfect putting is not a dream that you can only see on the television, use these principles and very soon you’ll be a master putter and your handicap will be on the way down.

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