Project Portfolio Management: A Solution to Generate Real Business Value

Project Portfolio Management is implemented within an organization to ensure that all the on-going projects can be accomplished within time by meeting the financial goals of the business. It has a structured approach wherein projects are analyzed to create portfolio based on user requirements and organizational goals.

Project Portfolio Management: A Solution To Generate Real Business Value

With PPM solution, a business can allocate the resources efficiently after prioritizing the projects to gain maximum returns from the portfolio.

Project Portfolio Management: A Solution To Generate Real Business Value

Prioritized and categorized projects help managers to take a quick and precise decision in achieving business goals in an efficient manner. Managers and Executives can quickly switch between dashboard views of the portfolio and to analyze and compare real-time data of the projects and portfolio. The grouped data in portfolio enables manager to make comparison and analysis for effective decision-making process. Correctly implemented PPM tool also empower manager to efficiently share resources with different projects so that there is no latency in the projects due to unavailability of business resources.

Project Portfolio Management: A Solution To Generate Real Business Value

The investment made on portfolio management solution helps in improving three major areas i.e. to speed up the project execution, to improve ROI of the business and also to increase the efficiency of project operations management. It helps the manager to review and alter programs in accordance with change in business situations. Additionally, it helps to prioritize the projects as per budget, deadline and resources.

Project Portfolio Management: A Solution To Generate Real Business Value

Some of the benefits of using Project Portfolio Management solutions include:

1. Eliminate projects that are unaligned with organizational goals and vision;
2. Helps management in taking proper decisions for better allocation of resources;
3. Consistent management process helps in lowering the costs; better collaboration among team-members;
4. Optimizes business values by balancing all the on-going business projects;
5. Helps in achieving portfolio objectives within set time;
6. Improves efficiency of management by creating a direct flow of communication.

Moreover, the solution should be realistic, rational and observable in nature to help businesses manage business operations smoothly. It is a fact-based solution that provides you information related to allocation of resources such as time, personnel and necessary equipment on the projects. In addition to this, it also allows to monitor the progress of different projects at certain levels and the amount of resources used with the help of tools and metrics.

With the help of integrated ALM & PPM solution, managers can obtain realistic and accurate data to meet the day-to-day challenges of managing projects and also to prioritize the projects that has capability to deliver real business output.

Digite’s IT Project Portfolio Management, combined with its Application Lifecycle Management and project execution features, provides organizations a powerful and unique agile PPM tool for effectively managing these portfolios with accurate, reliable and real-time data. Portfolio Analysis is a key feature of effective Project Portfolio Management. Digite’s Portfolio Analysis is a powerful analysis tool that gives program managers a summary view of project data to create portfolios based on user-defined criteria.