Outsourcing Answers – Telemarketing Problems

Outsourcing Answers - Telemarketing Problems

Though the cold calling approach has gained negative publicity over the recent years, that does not discount the fact that outbound telemarketing service is still one of the most successful strategies in generating sales leads. The problem which arose from cold calling, however is simply a warning to companies who outsource that they should be selective about the telemarketing call center which they hire. Once this problem has been avoided, companies will find that outsourcing may be the best marketing move they have done over the years.

Outsourcing Answers - Telemarketing Problems

The following are the benefits which you may gain from a carefully managed outsourcing campaign:

Outsourcing Answers - Telemarketing Problems

Quality Service at Less the Cost

Outsourcing Answers - Telemarketing Problems

One of the main benefits one establishment could get from outsourcing is most probably the low cost it would take them to have their telemarketing needs done when compared to hiring their own staff and setting up their own workstations and developing a technology that works for their campaign. All that, plus the added manpower needed to train their in-house telemarketing staff.

Outsourcing Answers - Telemarketing Problems

Once the company decides to outsource their telemarketing services, they are simply asked to pay for the services rendered by the outsourced staff in charge of their campaign. The burden of providing the necessary infrastructure for the campaign is the telemarketing call center as well.

Outsourcing Answers - Telemarketing Problems

However, training concerns may be acted upon through a partnership between the outsource telemarketing provider and the client to make sure that the call representatives are performing at par.

Round the Clock Support Team

Once outsourced, the telemarketing services may be made operational for 24 hours in a day with no regards for holidays, off peak and after office hours, weekends and other days which normally would mean that the service is non-operational. When a sales telemarketing campaign is made available to the public at the times most convenient to the buyers, companies are assured of a bigger market share.

Furthermore, you will be able to reach customers who are not residing within the same time zone as the main office.

Delegation of Tasks and Functions

When performing telemarketing services in your home office, you’re in house staff will not be able to maximize their skills and time. You may have done your marketing campaign successfully on your own the previous years, but it is common knowledge that the first call your staff makes does not end up as a sale. This happens 100% of the time. So, you make several calls before you can strike a deal with a prospect. You may also look into other marketing techniques and strategies like up-selling and cross-selling. A new marketing technique would always mean another training session.

Having an outsourced team of telemarketers allows your own staff to look into more important business functions such as product development and product research. Also, when product trainings are needed, all you need to do is send your outsourced team manager the related information and literature on a certain product and he will be in charge to train your telemarketers.

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