Online Data Entry Services

Online data entry services are now commonly used by businesses and these services are generally offered by outsourcing companies with the required standards and specifications. As everything is becoming global, business entities need to manage their valuable and critical data in an accurate and organized manner in order to maintain their competitiveness in the global marketplace. They usually entrust their non core, repetitive and other support tasks to BPO firms who can offer affordable, reliable and trustworthy documentation services online.

Online Data Entry Services

Online data entry services have become immensely helpful in all fields where the data needs to be stored, maintained and used for future applications. Today, many firms have partnered with business process outsourcing companies to have an excellent data management system in their facilities. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies, unique processes and skilled data entry specialists, these firms deliver data entry services with accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness. They offer their services through safe and secure online platform. They deliver the final outputs in encrypted FTP upload, CD-R or CD-W or email. Thus, clients are assured that their data or information is free from unauthorized access, copying or downloading.

Business process outsourcing companies specializing in online data entry services offer a wide spectrum of services, tailored to the particular needs of each client. Some of them are listed below:

• Text, numeric or alphanumeric, image or hardcopy date entry
• Data entry from handwritten or printed materials such as books, newspapers, magazines
• Catalog and business card documentation
• E-books and e-magazines
• Data entry from insurance claims and property tax records
• Online listing of yellow pages
• For website content
• Documentation of surveys, questionnaires, company reports and airway bill entries
• Data capture/collection
• Online form processing and submission
• For mailing list/mailing label
• Email mining
• Typing manuscript into MS Word
• Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting, and indexing data
• Online medical and legal data entry
• Data entry of historical data

Outsourcing your documentation task to a BPO firm is a viable and economical choice. You can eliminate tedious and time consuming tasks from your regular routine. As data entry services are developing in tune with the giant leaps in technology, your firm can also utilize these services and stay competitive in the field. Moreover, you can reduce costs, improve productivity and give more importance to core and revenue generating functions.

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a US company providing managed outsource solutions that are focused on several industries, including medical, legal, information technology and media. Outsourcing data entry we can help you process your paper work, increase your turn around time and make sure that all files or data is updated as required.