No, You Don’t Really Need a Website

Most Small Business Owners will tell you that they do not receive any income from a website. In fact the majority of small businesses up until now have always relied upon word of mouth and traditional sources of advertising.

No, You Don't Really Need A Website

This in fact is not going to change as we are a social race of people. If you are having drinks with Fred on a Friday night and he recommends Bob the Building Contractor stating that he did great work for him, and it happens that your sitting on the deck that Bob Built, then it’s fairly safe to say that unless Bob tries to rip you off he is most likely going to get the job.

No, You Don't Really Need A Website

So with word of mouth working so well, why bother with a website?

No, You Don't Really Need A Website

A website has one purpose “It’s a silent salesmen”, it will work for you without any pay and will qualify your customers for you. In fact your website can sell the client on your services long before the sale itself.

No, You Don't Really Need A Website

You have to forget the notion that your website is going to magically appear on page one of Google and instantly bring you in leads by the thousands. For the majority of businesses this is not going to happen this year, next year, are ever. There is only limited space on the first page of a search engine listing, so with thousands of people trying to get listed on that page you have about a .01% chance of being listed.

Your business however needs a website as it can become that silent partner working for you behind the scenes. By now you may be thinking “But I previously stated that your website has almost zero chance of appearing on the first few pages of Google, so how is it going to be able to work for me behind the scenes”

Becoming an Extension of your Existing Advertising

Your existing methods of advertising are limited in the amount of information it can relay to a prospect. Lets face it a business card cannot satisfactory tell a client everything about your business, it cannot inform Bill the homeowner that you’re the person he needs to look after his gardens, as all he can see from a business card is a name and a phone number.

You might be a person who regularly sends out advertising in the mail to let your potential clients know about your business. You may also be using other traditional forms of advertising such as radio or the local newspapers. But you’re limited to the amount of information you are able to relay to the prospect.

But by having a website address displayed on your business cards, on your mail outs, and on any other form of advertising it allows the prospect to silently obtain more information to satisfy his inquiry. In fact more and more people are expecting you to have a website where they can learn more about you. This is the prime reason for a website in 2009.

Your Business Wants a Website

Your business is screaming out to help you make more money and get more clients, so why not give your business a voice. If you want to succeed in 2009 and still be around in 2010 and beyond, then what is holding you back from helping your business.

Who will you select to detail your motor vehicle each month, local Johnny who advertises in the paper, or Bill who also advertises in the paper but has a website which provides images and information about his services, and provides you with additional tips and articles on how to look after your prized motor vehicle.

If you’re not considering a website for your business then why not…Your business is screaming out to help you, and it wants to bring in more sales and more clients. Your website can provide so much more information about your services that when a prospect picks up the phone to ring you he is already a client, you don’t have to sell him or her because your website has already done this for you.

Yes you will still need traditional means of advertising, as how else are you going to find your clients. But your website has the ability of answering your client’s questions, and providing them with all the extra information that traditional advertising is unable to achieve in the limited time frame it has to catch their attention.

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