Miami turned into Foam City

In its new “Foam City” ad, Sony turned Miami into a huge foam bath free for all. In an attempt to do this, Sony leashed 120 million gallons of bubbles in the streets. The leading manufacturer of technology products consulted a bubble expert and built the world’s largest foam-making machine. This bubble machine pumped out more than 500,000 gallons of foam per minute and 2,000,000 liters of foam every 60 seconds. This new commercial, in conjunction with the evolution of its popular advertising campaign, which exceeds out expectations by transforming a whole neighborhood of Miami into a bubble bath is for Sony’s cameras.

Miami Turned Into Foam City


Miami Turned Into Foam City

Sony had fully prepared for the massive shoot by building the foam machine and getting clearance from Miami and FDA certification. The downtown Miami was filled with foam during seven days. The massive 7-day shoot required involvement of many people including one documentary filmmaker, one pro photographer, 150 person crew, 200 Miami citizens with Sony cameras, and 20 journalists.

Miami Turned Into Foam City


Miami Turned Into Foam City

The world’s largest foam machine was built for a massive shoot.


Sony set out to fill downtown Miami with foam over the course of a 7-day shoot.


Several people were set to walk by who stopped flat in their tracks when they saw the bubbles.


A gust of wind would blow down the street.


A total of 460 million litres of foam was used in the advertising.


The principal city and the center of the South Florida metropolitan area became a soapy free-for-all.


Sony\’s new “Foam City” ad is for Sony\’s cameras.


The “Foam City” shoot was part of an ad campaign for Sony’s new range of digital cameras.


Sony UK\’s Mikah Martin-Cruz said that with “Foam City’, they had created somewhere people just could not put their camera down, even for a moment, as something totally unexpected and wonderful happened every second.


Bubbles and foam may make you smile.


The images and footage lasted 16 hours in total.


Those who were not present in Miami could eventually be able to see it in an online gallery.


Many participants were really anxious to see the final results.



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