Leveraging BIM for Residential Architecture Projects

Over the last few years, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been one of the most visible aspects of a deep and fundamental change that is rapidly transforming the global construction industry. Beginning from the concept development to project completion and facility management, BIM helps the designers, architects, contractors, engineers, suppliers and fabricators through the design, marketing, documentation, construction, tendering, bidding, ongoing facility management and maintenance of the building. Whether commercial, industrial or residential, BIM process can substantially improve the design, documentation and construction processes.

Leveraging BIM For Residential Architecture Projects

With over 12 years experience in technology and drafting, BluEnt is committed to a mission of delivering unique, high-value customized Revit drafting, CAD BIM drafting, 3D modeling services and BIM consulting services and other home building services to our customers. We accomplish this by developing custom drafting and drawing and construction documents which are delivered quickly and priced fairly.

Leveraging BIM For Residential Architecture Projects

Our team works with architects, interior designers, builders, developers, engineers, manufacturers and construction firms at the initial planning, design and documentation stages providing high quality drafting and documentation services. We can also provide support for those wanting to implement their own BIM process.

Leveraging BIM For Residential Architecture Projects

Some of the things BluEnt focuses on:

Leveraging BIM For Residential Architecture Projects

o Construction Documentation for larger projects using BIM (BIM Modeling in Revit)

o Conflict Detection between Complex Building Practices

o Detailed Bill of material and quantity take offs for various applications (surveys, awarding bids)

o Constructability Analysis

o Building Code compliance and checking

BluEnt’s suite of BIM solutions greatly improves productivity and efficiency by streamlining the process of creation, storage and communication of design critical information by way of intelligent 3D models. With every project we successfully execute we strengthen our position as industry leaders in the architectural offshoring industry. If you are looking for a studio partner who can serve BIM modeling services to you, contact us today: cad@bluentcad.com. We would be happy to serve you.

The article is published by Ava Smith, Content Head, BluEnt. If you need more information, please contact to her at ava.smith@bluent.net.