Lead Generation Solutions Made Easy

Just about every business owner I have ever met wants more sales leads. They want lead generation solutions that work, are easy to manage and if possible can run on autopilot.

Lead Generation Solutions Made Easy

That is one reason why I love Circle of Life marketing as a lead generation tool

Lead Generation Solutions Made Easy

A Lead Generation Program That Works:

Lead Generation Solutions Made Easy

Step One: You make a list of those people that have your clients BEFORE and AFTER you.

Lead Generation Solutions Made Easy

If I was a lawnmower my list might include:

• Architects

• Builders

• Finance Brokers

• Settlement Agents

• Paving Companies

• Furniture Stores

• Swimming Pool Companies

• Interior Designers

• Realtors

• Bankers

• Carper Stores

• Fencing Contractors

• Air condition & Heating Companies

• Roofers

• Security Companies

NOTE: Circle of life marketing is an effective lead generation solution because it focuses on creating a network of relationships to generate a constant supply of fresh, targeted leads.

Step Two:You then approach these people and ask if they are interested in taking part in a referral program with your business. You explain that you have many of their potential customers before they do and would like to be able to promote a quality business in their industry to your clients.

Step Three: Ask them to come up with a special gift certificate that you can give to your clients on their behalf. Note: This has to be something of genuine value and not just the same ‘deal’ anyone walking in off the street could get.

Step Four: Create a ‘Gift Certificate’ book with the various offers and ask your various partners how many they would like to order.

I created such a program for several offline clients and they ended up with over $ 7,000 in Gift Certificates in each booklet.

Stop and ask yourself: If you were looking for a new security system for your home or business and one company offered you just the security system but another told you they would include an extra $ 7,000 in bonus gift certificates…

You do not need to have the IQ of an Einstein to see that would go a long way in ‘tipping the scales’ in your favor does it?

Circle of Life Marketing could well be the professional, solution to lead generation and lead management that your business needs. But it is only one of many methods that are available on my sales lead secrets website.

Chris Bloor shares dozens of easy-to-apply lead generation solutions on his Blog http://www.SalesLeadSecrets.com

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