Lcd Panel: China’s Industry Highlights The Business Opportunities

Golden State Securities Cheng Bing This paper, the “market demand” as the guide, by comparing the large-size display industry, explained the advantages of small size of the display industry and prospects, and the small size of the industrial structure and distribution of the initial value research to answer the current capital market of small and medium display industry differences;

Lcd Panel: China's Industry Highlights The Business Opportunities

Lcd Panel: China's Industry Highlights The Business Opportunities

Relatively large size display products, small and medium size display products with better profitability; we can not use large-size LCD products manufacturer “BOE” the failures to analyze the size of the display industry, small and medium enterprises;

Lcd Panel: China's Industry Highlights The Business Opportunities

Lcd Panel: China's Industry Highlights The Business Opportunities

Small and medium size product of 10-inch product, below the 4.5 generation TFT-LCD production line for production of small and medium size products, and panel manufacturing technology is mature, with higher generations TFTLCD production line there is no competition;

Small and medium size products “non-standard” and “design services” can be integrated makes the relationship between businesses and customers more closely, and weakens the market competition, lower prices relatively more moderate;

Small and medium size LCD products, the rapid growth of existing applications and new applications emerging, relatively large-size LCD products, small and medium size LCD market growth prospects more uncertain;

Future, small and medium size TFT LCD market is still the main market; product quality improvement, especially in display performance, such as high color saturation, high resolution, contrast and so is the future development trend of TFT products; the touch screen (TP ) The rapid growth of the market is a major highlight of the market;

The same time, not because of existing market base, the rapid development of new applications, we believe CSTN short-term market decline is not fast; OLED lifetime and industrialization as the problem, alternative techniques are still to TFT;

We once again expounded “technological progress” and “market demand” driving the interaction view of the global semiconductor market, “scarcity” value chain is to determine the distribution of important factors;

We believe that “technology scarcity” is the main features of LCD industry, which makes the LCD industry value chain tend to focus on technology-intensive sectors;

“Non-standard products” and “design service integration” of the medium and small size of the main features of the display industry, the relative weakening of the technological progress that the industry role in promoting, rather than standardization of manufacturing flexibility on business arising demand avoided size issue, which highlights opportunities in China;

In small size LCD industry, we are optimistic about the upstream industry chain LEYBOLD Hi, “Technical scarcity” value determines the industry focus more on technology intensive upstream industry, adhere to the “high return” business philosophy will weaken the industry cycle effect on the company’s operations, we still maintain 43.90-47.41 dollars price target, to “buy” rating; while in the middle of, mid-chain, we believe that good business base will help the company share industry development results, to maintain “buy” rating, but pay attention to valuation risk;

From a technical point of view, due to large-size LCD products is the size of the main trends and evolving, which makes the cutting efficiency products can continuously improve through technology upgrades to reduce unit production costs; Therefore, every technology upgrade will large-size LCD on the impact on product prices;

Large-size LCD products for notebook computers (Notebook), LCD monitor (LCDMonitor) and LCD TV (LCDTV) and other standardized products, to gradually increase the size of the current major trends in product development;

We can see, will soon become the mainstream for 47-inch LCD TV, 10 on behalf of the line will greatly improve the efficiency of the 8th generation line of cutting, so once the 10 on behalf of the line began mass production, it will inevitably force for 47-inch LCD TV panel production line prices down 8 generations;

Panel manufacturing technology and new technology appears extrusion original price of the product in a size that will force the existing technology to produce a smaller size to product development, product prices lead to changes in the industry;

However, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 and portable DVD and other consumer electronics products, trends in light of medium and small size limits the size of the LCD product development, technological progress makes the panels on the product is not cutting efficiency gains, The technological advances arising from the significant increase in the production difficulties have delayed the sales of higher import panel manufacturing technology; therefore, relatively large-size LCD products, technological advances of the impact of small and medium size LCD price less;

3-4.5 on behalf of the line products from the production efficiency of small and medium size, followed by 4.5 generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation. 4 generation, 4.5 generation is relatively new line, but four-and 4.5-generation line also exists to adjust the difficulty in changing products.

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