Key to Success – Action

Key To Success - Action

You are a marvelous creation. Your are worth millions. Yes, really you are!
All successful people put into place their creative ideas, they act on them and become what they think about.

Key To Success - Action

Many people want to know just exactly how do you develop an action mentality. We first have to define success. Earl Nightingale said, “success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” That’s good but it doesn’t explain how we get that ideal.

Key To Success - Action

You are a creative person. I used to think I wasn’t creative too. Used to think success only happens to others, not me. Used to think this way and then I discovered how to change my thinking patterns.

Key To Success - Action

Action works when you prepare yourself mentally. You are always looking for fuller expression. It is the way we were put together. Action then is ideas at work. And, it takes faith. You must believe you can do the thing you want to do. Faith without action is useless. That is much like wishful thinking!

Key To Success - Action

Here are three steps you can begin utilizing today that will help you develop this action mentality. When you implement these steps you will have the answers you seek.

Key To Success - Action

1. First just take some time and relax. Spend some time in your favorite place, in nature, in your favorite chair or just laying down in the yard watching the sky.

2. Next, look within and think about an obstacle. Think about the situation you would like to have a solution for.

3. Now imagine the outcome you want for this obstacle. Ask yourself How can I improve what I am doing. (Ask this for all the areas of your life, relationships, financial, career, business).

Become the one in ten who make things happen. Have faith, believe in yourself and develop confidence.
Action will create confidence and confidence in turn creates action. Begin with one and the other must follow.

You are insignificant before you become significant. Successful people know this and they always imagine the life they want, have faith they can do it, and believe in themselves.

Implement this power principle and you will discover you have a gold mind just waiting for the harvest.
When I began using this principle, I would wake up around 3:00 am almost every day with amazing ideas. Ideas are slippery so make sure you have a pen and notebook handy, by your bed or nearby to capture these gold nuggets.

Take the best ideas and create a plan around them. Do not forget to put in these action steps in your calendar that will result in your ideal solution.

Robin Harpe is the founder of Navigate Your Life, a life success coaching business. She is an author, motivational teacher and mentor to hundreds of individuals. She holds an MBA from Colorado State University, SPHR, Certified LifeSuccess Coach and President-Elect of her local SHRM chapter for 2009. Contact Robin today for your free coaching consultation and start your team on their way to success. Success insists on change, change takes courage, courage requires persistence, persistence brings results.