Is Real Business Freedom a Dream Or a Reality?

Over the last few years I’ve worked personally with over fifty business owners and communicated with hundreds of people through networking, blogging and selling my own products and services.

Is Real Business Freedom A Dream Or A Reality?

Having worked on the inside of many ‘successful’ businesses I’ve seen many people over stressed and living a life that seems more of a nightmare than a dream.

Is Real Business Freedom A Dream Or A Reality?

I’ve seen business owners who make a lot of money but get very little sleep.

Is Real Business Freedom A Dream Or A Reality?

I’ve seen business owners stressed so much they make irrational decisions and work in a constant panic.

Is Real Business Freedom A Dream Or A Reality?

I’ve seen business owners who waste their money outsourcing things when they don’t know why.

I’ve seen business owners running a business that is basically SAPPING THE LIFE RIGHT OUT OF THEM!

What’s scary about this is many people create a business that can not run without them. They a literally caught on an endless merry go round and they’re DIZZY!

I’ve also run one that way too.

I got caught up in my own business by taking on way too many client, not screening out poor fitting clients properly, not planning a clear path for my business and honestly just not doing what I needed to do to create a business that supported my LIFE rather than vice versa!

We all want to live, to have that business freedom, to do the things that are really important.

Yes our businesses are important and they do bring joy to our lives when run properly but we can’t forget about the goals we once had because they really ARE achievable!

Don’t assume that once you make a lot of money the rest will take care of itself – it won’t!

You MUST plan for your freedom. Don’t build a business you can’t take a break from, it will only imprison you.

Now this might be the part where you’d expect some step by step plan to make sure you keep your freedom while running a wildly successfully business – well it’s not happening.

You’re a smart lady (or man) and you know what you need to do. Just TRUST YOURSELF and go for it.

Look at your business objectively and ask yourself some questions:
“What can I cut from my business?”
“What is wasting my time?”
“What can I automate?”
“What is my most profitable activity?”
“What can I delegate?”

Look, I know from personal experience that when money is tight it might seem like a good time to settle for whatever you can get but that is DEAD WRONG. When money is tight you need to sharpen your focus, get really clear on what you want and go for it with everything you’ve got.

I know WE can do it!

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