How to Write Descriptive Essays? Use These Examples to Write

“I saw a cat on my way, it was all white with black eyes, there was a tree nearby, birds were chirping on it, the sun was shining, and I could see people walking in the park” ok this is a nominal description of what you saw on your way, but it’s obviously not up to the merit that any college essay has.

How To Write Descriptive Essays? Use These Examples To Write

Descriptive Essays, unlike other college essays requires the writer’s good English and sentence construction along with powerful imagination to write such an essay. The point of descriptive essays is to create a physical aura where all the sensory nerves like touch, smell, sight, and hearing are able to feel the environment, for this reason the language can be figurative and metaphorical as well. Simile can in addition be used in this college essay. Descriptive essay can use other utensils as well like denotative, connotative, emphatic and chronological. But these gears have to be used wisely; you need first need to judge what the audience wants, and if the topic is offensive, then deliver it in a way that the audience can accept that topic.

How To Write Descriptive Essays? Use These Examples To Write

The purpose of writing such a college essay is to enhance the creativity, an imagination, converting an ordinary point in to a valuable and grabbing point that can make a person realize the significance of the insignificant. Here is an example.

How To Write Descriptive Essays? Use These Examples To Write

“He was running from death, but death was too fast for him and in one shot, a hole was made in his heart, he fell with a thud, the loaf of bread turned red and he could think of one thing, what was his fault? Why are they suffering for another county’s greed for power?”

How To Write Descriptive Essays? Use These Examples To Write

Did you feel the pain of war?

A descriptive essay can be written on the following accounts:

1) An Experience
2) A place
3) A personality/person
4) A Memory
5) Any object

When you begin writing your college essay, you have to first figure out the 3W’s;

What/Who are you trying to describe?
What is your motivation for writing this essay?
What are the specific factors you want to spotlight on?

You need to show them what you are trying to point at, meaning give such a great illustration that the reader is able to imagine the part; and don’t make it too direct. As already mentioned in the first paragraph; use words that create a tale that a child is eager to hear instead of a lecture that will put everyone to sleep. In short bring the emotions out.

For that reason, you first need to create a rough draft, in which every factor is connected to each other, like the dirty child, trash, hunger, smile in the empty eyes, etc. A disconnected college essay wouldn’t just bore the reader but also confuse more. Another pointer that needs to be reminded here is that you do not use too much cream or the cake will become too much sweet for the readers sweet. Keep a balance of the figurative words.

After you have written your college essay, proof read and edit your essay for mistakes, and check if you too can get emotional with your essay.

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