How to Turn Your Windows XP Off Safely

It’s not surprising that sometimes when asked about the way of turning off computer, some people innocently answer that they just simply hit the power button and leaves it. Moreover, when I try to clarify all the troubles attributed to this unwary action can cause to their PC, they merrily tell me that they have never faced such a mess and there is nothing wrong happening to their computer’s operation.

How To Turn Your Windows XP Off Safely


How To Turn Your Windows XP Off Safely

For anyone wanting to keep their PC or laptop away from the computer repair shop I have listed a whole host of ways Windows XP can be safely turned off.

How To Turn Your Windows XP Off Safely


How To Turn Your Windows XP Off Safely

The first and most popular way is to select ‘Start’ at the bottom left of the laptop screen, then select the Turn Off menu and finally select the Turn Off button.


The second method is to press the Ctrl and Esc keys or the Windows key and press ‘U’ twice. This is probably the quickest way to close down Windows XP safely.


The third way is to press the ‘Windows’ key and ‘M’ to minimises all windows and then press Alt and F4 to bring the ‘Turn Off’ computer screen up.


The fourth method is to use the ‘Windows Task’ manager. The easiest way to do this is by right clicking on the ‘Windows task bar’. Then select the ‘Shut down’ button. This method is often used when Windows has stopped working. Computer repair shop here we come!


The final computer repair savior is to create a ‘shutdown shortcut’ and place it in your quick launch toolbar or on the desktop. To set one of these up, simply right click on the desktop and select ‘New Shortcut’. In the pop up box enter “shutdown -s -t 00”. Once this is complete you can simply double click your new icon to close down Windows.


These are just some of the ways Windows XP can be closed down without damaging the operating system and saving you from an unnecessary computer, laptop repair.


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