How to Turn Procrastination Into Action

Or, how to stop putting something off and get it done!

How To Turn Procrastination Into Action

Do you have an item on your “to do” list that has been there for ages and somehow you just never seem to get round to doing it? Is it annoying you that it has been on your action list for so long? Have you been avoiding doing something that you really want to get done?

How To Turn Procrastination Into Action

Follow these easy to use steps to turn your inaction into action.

How To Turn Procrastination Into Action

1. Do you really want to do it?
Before you go any further, take a look at the item you have been avoiding and ask yourself if you really want to do it? If you don’t and there will be no negative consequences from not doing it, why not cross it off your list?

How To Turn Procrastination Into Action

If it is something that you think you need to do or should do, do you really need to? Is there another way you can achieve the same objective? For example, you may have “go for a run” on your daily to do list. If you want to get fit and you are repeatedly not going for a run, consider alternatives: take up swimming, go salsa dancing with a friend, buy a space hopper and have fun with your kids. Find what works for you and will help you achieve the same objective.

If it something that you “have” to do, ask yourself if you really have to or if actually you want to. I had been putting off doing the paperwork to renew my driving licence (because I’ve never been too keen on form filling) and kept telling myself that it was something that I “had” to do. When I realised that I didn’t “have” to, but rather I “wanted” to, because I wanted to be able to carry on driving, that subtle shift made it easy for me to get on and do it.

2.What are the benefits of getting this done?
Consider all the reasons for doing this and all the benefits of achieving it. Such is life that sometimes we have to do things that we would prefer not to, in which case the main benefit of doing something maybe so that we can cross it off our “to do” list and not have to think about it every time we look at the list.
Also want to consider what happens if you don’t get this done.

3.What is getting in the way of you not doing this?
Is anything stopping you from getting this done? Do you need something, some information, help from someone else or something else in order to get this done? Work out what you need in order to move forward and get it sorted.

4. How will you feel?
How will you feel once you have achieved this? You may be relieved to finally have got it sorted, satisfied with yourself or pleased with a job well done. Imagine how you will feel and hold onto that feeling.

5. Break the task down into the individual steps
Break the task down into the individual steps and take the first smallest step NOW. For example if you have been putting off updating your CV, then dig out the latest copy or set up a new document on your computer. If you need to make a phone call, then look up the number. Take the first step and you will be on your way.

And finally, STOP THINKING and JUST DO IT! (and then cross it off your “to do” list with a big flourish).

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