How to Select Glass For Stained Glass Projects

We get asked this question quite often – on how to select the right color or texture of glass for a stained glass design.

How To Select Glass For Stained Glass Projects

Here is a simple article just to provide some guidance on how to select glass for your stained glass projects that we follow.

How To Select Glass For Stained Glass Projects

There are so many types and colors, so the question becomes, how to make the right decisions?

How To Select Glass For Stained Glass Projects

Well it’s all up to you. Use your art flair, your creativity but also it is best to keep nature in mind. E.G. You don’t want to make water green but you might want to find a glass that is wavy blue so it looks like it is flowing.

How To Select Glass For Stained Glass Projects

If you are producing an abstract design your imagination is the world- go crazy. What we would recommend is to think where you are planning to put this piece of art- you may want the coordinate your colors for the room. Just a thought.

If you are designing for a friend or customer, it is best to keep their decor or tastes/wants in mind so you will create something that they will like, not necessary you. Your friend’s taste should come first.

As far as opaque or translucent: Again, I would keep in mind the use of the design. E.G. Randy had a piece that he wanted to cover up a metal strip in the center of a window. So he designed his piece with the opaque glass right where he needed to hide the metal strip. It turned out to be a beautiful piece- when he installed the design – it worked perfectly – covering that metal strip.

Remember this art form is also your creative side. If you have a pattern that provides the recommended colors- you do not have to stay with those color or even the textures. You can pick and choose as you feel the need. Sometimes the best designs have been changed or altered in some way.

There is no right or wrong with creating stained glass – only limits in your imagination will stop you. Have fun and keep creating.

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