How to Practice Your Guitar

The first step to learning your guitar in a snap is the most obvious.

How To Practice Your Guitar

Sit down and actually practice.

How To Practice Your Guitar

By actually practicing I mean not always playing what you enjoy, or are familiar with. Sit down and play new things on the guitar that you do not know how to do yet. Whether you are trying out new chords, scales, reading an article or guitar magazine, taking lessons; you have to at some point sit down and apply what your head has read, seen, and heard, and actually do it for yourself. This can be a lot more challenging than it seems, because once you sit down and start practicing you will begin to realize just how much there is to learn on the guitar.

How To Practice Your Guitar

Don’t get frustrated at this point.  Take a deep breath and take comfort in that you have made the first step in learning how to practice the guitar seriously.

How To Practice Your Guitar

What is that first step? The first step is to…


Now, this is the point where practicing the guitar can be like a diet…it works for a little while, and yet you eventually fall back into the old habits that you are used to.

Dieting is not what we want here. We want a healthy regular 6 string practicing lifestyle that will create healthy practice habits. Avoid the get quick fix guitar diet of always hungering for the next “learn to play fast musical diet.” You will find that by making a healthy commitment to learn your guitar on a regular basis will lead to a healthy normal part of life that includes practicing your instrument the right way and for the long term, rather than just for a little while. You owe it to yourself to be the best player you can be, so make that choice right now and say to yourself, “I commit to practicing my instrument in a consistent manner that leads to me learning how to play the guitar in a snap.”

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