How to Practice Your Forehand Follow Through


How To Practice Your Forehand Follow Through

When competing in a tennis match do you sometimes feel that you could generate a little more power and direction from your Forehand? Can you fix the problem? Yes by developing a good balanced follow through, this will give you the benefit of being able to direct the ball with more accuracy. You can also hit with more power and consistency.

How To Practice Your Forehand Follow Through

Before you can practice with quality you need to know the basic follow through for a forehand. To follow through you need to extend out in the direction you are hitting the ball and wrapping your racket up around your none hitting arms shoulder. To enable you to do this turn your wrist over as if you are checking the time on your watch.

How To Practice Your Forehand Follow Through

To get the feel of hitting with a good follow through put some tape on top of your wrist of your hitting hand, put more tape on your shoulder of your none hitting arm. Then as you practice try and make the two pieces of tape connect at the end of your follow through.

How To Practice Your Forehand Follow Through

A good practice is for you and a friend to make short term goals so that you can measure your performances. Shall we say that your goals are you score 1 point every time you connect the two tapes? If you win a rally you get an extra point, you keep adding all your points up until someone wins the rally. This adding up business when you are playing can be hard work, so with another friend watching and scoring it can take a little mental pressure off you.

Find a tennis court and both you and your friend start at the baselines, one of you drop the ball and let it bounce then hit a forehand to opponents forehand side. You score 1 point because you connected the tape, friend hits back to your forehand side but does not connect the tapes, the rally continues but your friend does not score any points. The ball comes back again and you connect scores 1 point. You also win the rally scoring 2 points, well done keep it up.

Quality practice will improve you very quickly if you have achievable goals, remember to monitor and measure your performances. You can add lots of progressions to the above practice, look for ways to add pressure. Act upon your results and set new goals to advance further. Enjoy your tennis and have some fun.

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