How to Practice the Coordination of Putter

The putter and a driver are both important for any golfer. Interestingly, if your golf ball can be marked with the green, but could not get the ball inside the hole, then the total score will not good. Lower scores may be putting the most important factor. In the PGA Tour, every shot of different golfer are the same with each other, but are often putting the best players to win the game, showing the importance of putting.

How To Practice The Coordination Of Putter


How To Practice The Coordination Of Putter

Here are a few rules for you putting:

How To Practice The Coordination Of Putter


How To Practice The Coordination Of Putter

Goal setting


Putting, often hitting the ball will provide direction and size of this force, but the launch of Friends of the direction of the ball always has something to offset. May wish to take when determining the direction of the next ball after hitting the target point line shift based on ball position to retreat into the position for about two feet, just aim at a point two feet before it, so set the ball much easier target line the.


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Close one of your eyes

Rise not only affects the swing, also affect the putt. Close the left eye (right eye left hand players), do a few practice shots, and then prepared to hit the ball, it will more difficult to see the hole, the rise of the bad habits will improve. This practice leads to mental and physical process in the shot steady.


Get the ball more substantial

Under pressure, led to a short putter golfers putt tension, and thus speed up the putting swing. When the back swing becomes large, often resulting in reduced speed before the strike. To fix this, put a ball on to strike the ball about 6 inches. Then, after the play, please do not hit the second goal.


Do your practice around the hole

Find a green practice area around the hole, then put a few balls on 2 feet from the hole, and then you could do your practice with your liking golf putters. Each putter is how different the challenges yourself, to push the ball into each hole, and then move the ball 3 feet away. Remember, if there is a failure to start again.


Practice putting a quarter

Practice putting the ball play after a quarter in pushed into the hole. Because the goal through the use of smaller, more targeted to enhance the capacity and strength of the master, which is to improve the longer distance a good way of putting a sense of speed.


Putting on the lower score is very important, the next time, playing golf, the putting practice time to time and as much as batting practice, after practice that the results would be more satisfactory.

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