How to Practice Ardha Chandrasana For Seniors

Ardha Chandrasana, which is also known as “Half Moon Pose,” is an energizing asana that leaves the practitioner with a sense of focused empowerment. It does not matter what age you are; if you can walk on two feet, you can still practice Half Moon Pose.

How To Practice Ardha Chandrasana For Seniors

The modifications for my students range from using a firm block, stool, or chair for the forward hand to balance on, to using a wall behind the spine and extended leg. My morning Chair Yoga classes are filled with students, where the median age is 75 years.

How To Practice Ardha Chandrasana For Seniors

Some students are older, and some are younger, but this posture can be modified to accommodate all of them. Balance can become a major issue as we age. Side effects from prescription medication, and inner ear problems, are just two of the many reasons why seniors may struggle with balance.

How To Practice Ardha Chandrasana For Seniors

If we live long enough, very few of us will be able to avoid prescription medications. If we diet and remain active, we increase the odds for better health. Many active seniors begin to realize that Yoga, swimming, and walking programs may help reduce, or eliminate, prescriptions.

How To Practice Ardha Chandrasana For Seniors

Ardha Chandrasana is a valuable posture for working on balance. If you live in a climate with snow and ice during the winter, you know that balance is crucial. After 55 years of age, very few of us want to volunteer for a fall on slippery pavement.

For seniors who live in warm climates, a fall is still possible. The most common place is stepping into a shower stall. It helps to have a grab bar on the side of the entrance to the shower stall, but seniors take falls going into the shower for many reasons.

The safest way to perform Ardha Chandrasana is with a chair in an open corner of the room, so that your back can lean against the wall if it is needed for stability. At the same time, the chair cannot go anywhere if it is in a fixed position in a corner of the room.

To do this modification with the right foot forward, face the side of the chair in Warrior I. Initially, both hands can be placed on the seat. As an option, the forward hand (right hand) can be placed on the chair seat. The left leg can slowly be lifted to a height that is comfortable.

The next option is to place the left hand on the left hip. Extend the left arm up, if possible. Extend the left leg completely, but do not lock it. Another option is to rotate the hips and shoulders so that the left hip and shoulder stack directly over the right side. Finally, if your neck allows, rotate your neck up to the left side and look up to the ceiling.

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