How to Get a Carpet Estimate

Buying a new carpet for your home is an investment that you should not make without getting an accurate carpet estimate. Many factors go into a proper estimate, including measurements, carpeting product and padding you choose, and special features of the room. Here are some tips to get the best estimate.

How To Get A Carpet Estimate

1. Make arrangements for the home visit.

How To Get A Carpet Estimate

Your carpet estimate will not be accurate if the installer does not know the features and layout of you rooms. He also needs to measure each area and figure out where the seams will have to go. Be sure to set up the time so that you can be there promptly. Give explicit directions to your home, especially if it is difficult for most people to find.

How To Get A Carpet Estimate

2. Have a detailed discussion.

How To Get A Carpet Estimate

Talk about all the parts of the installation and discuss who will do each component of the project. Since everything done might figure into the carpet estimate, discuss moving furniture, taking up old flooring, installing tackless strips, adjusting doors and hauling away scraps and waste. At that point, it is the time to request financial consideration for all the parts of the process you take responsibility for, so that you save some money by doing them.

3. Ask for a written carpet estimate.

Your carpet estimate will be much more accurate if the installer takes the time to write down every part of the installation on the estimate. This might result in a higher estimate than you would get if he just took a quick look and a few measurements, but it is still a good idea.

If you get a low carpet estimate, but it is inaccurate, you may get a nasty surprise on the day of the installation. He may suddenly explain to you that your layout or special features of the project require additional fees. Besides, if the estimate is written down, it is easier to hold the installer to the price.

4. Get more than one carpet estimate.

Once the first estimate is completed, take the information and tell the installer you will get back to him. Afterwards, have one or two more installers give you separate quotes to compare with the original carpet estimate. Follow all the same steps in getting your accurate quote from the first installer. Compare the estimates for thoroughness and price. Choose the carpet estimate that seems the best to you and order your carpeting and installation right away.

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