Hemorrhoid Cures – Examples of Short and Long Term Remedies

Hemorrhoid Cures - Examples Of Short And Long Term Remedies

If you have recently developed a case of hemorrhoids, or you have suffered with the condition for a while, you will want to find a fast and effective remedy to rid yourself from this painful condition. There are many hemorrhoid cures around these days, some more extreme than others, and some more effective also.

Hemorrhoid Cures - Examples Of Short And Long Term Remedies

There are a few simple steps you can take at home that can bring you relief, and while these won’t cure your hemorrhoids, they will help ease the pain.

Hemorrhoid Cures - Examples Of Short And Long Term Remedies

1. Apple Cider Vinegar – this can help reduce the size of a hemorrhoid and can also stem bleeding. Apply some to a cotton wool pad and dab it onto the hemorrhoid. It can also be taken orally, mix some in a glass with honey and drink before you go to bed. Success rates from people who have used this simple method have been very high.

Hemorrhoid Cures - Examples Of Short And Long Term Remedies

2. Coconut Oil – this has also proven to be a very simple yet effective method to banish hemorrhoids. Apply locally twice a day and also after each bowel movement. Use a cotton wool pad and dab it on.

Hemorrhoid Cures - Examples Of Short And Long Term Remedies

3. Place a small platform, maybe 6″ high in front of the toilet when you go. Place your feet on the platform to raise your legs. This helps pass the stool and reduces pain when hemorrhoids are present.

Hemorrhoid Cures - Examples Of Short And Long Term Remedies

4. Caster Oil – many people have sung the praises of caster oil when applied to hemorrhoids. One popular method has been to make a cotton wool ball that is soaked in caster oil and keep it in place when walking around. It can ease the pain and reduce swelling.

These are some ‘quick fixes’ that can help pain and reduce the swelling. Of course what works well for one person may not work so well for the next, so it is always best to try a few different methods until you find one that works best for you.

When looking for long term hemorrhoid cures there are several options. Surgery has been used commonly by people with severe cases but the recovery is fairly slow and can be extremely painful. You only have to imagine what sitting down with all your weight on a healing operation would feel like! Plus the price of surgery can be very high and you can expect to pay thousands of dollars to have this procedure done.

Some coagulation therapies such as laser and heat treatment have been quite effective, but you are also presented with the similar problems as with a surgical procedure. They can be painful and expensive.

Recently home programs have been developed that are incredibly effective and can produce results within 48 hours using 100% natural methods. These remedies are easy to implement and follow, anyone can use them. With the very high success rate, and the very affordable cost, this is now one of the most popular and effective hemorrhoid cures.

The H Miracle program is a natural home remedy that will produce results in 48 hours. It has received very high acclaim from medical organizations and is now regularly recommended by Doctors to their patients.

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