Gurgaon emerging with innovative projects

Gurgaon with latest property trends is fast emerging with innovative projects. Earlier there was a slump in the property in Gurgaon but these days the real estate market is back into business. The demand for property in the NCR region is a on a high with excellent prices and demand for property in Gurgaon city.

Gurgaon Emerging With Innovative Projects

Gurgaon has seen a healthy growth mainly because of its infrastructure development and the amenities in and around Gurgaon, which has made living a lot easier. When it comes to highlighting Gurgaon- it is closest to the airport, major corporate brands have their offices – which has thereafter led to various and vast job breakthroughs.

Gurgaon Emerging With Innovative Projects

Property rates in gurgaon are on a high note. Some of the prevailing rates in the city are at an average of Rs. 2500 to 7000 per square feet at an approximate value and builder flats for 6500 to 7500 and plots 50,000 to 65,000 at an approximate value.

Gurgaon Emerging With Innovative Projects

The property rates in gurgaon would vary on the desired location or location preference. It has been stated that around six months ago the rates were about 10% to 12% less than the present figures. Apart from residential properties or buying houses being on a high even rental rates have been showing an upward trend.

Gurgaon Emerging With Innovative Projects

In gurgaon there has been upsurge of business centers as well, since Gurgaon is one of the premier destinations in India where business is concerned. Gurgaon houses the top IT and MNC companies. Business centers in gurgaon has witnessed considerable growth because of the increase in the economy and the population, the flourishing demand for commercial spaces in the city has led to the upsurge of business centers in gurgaon.

Business centers take away the hassles such as renting a place, setting up necessities such as the flooring, water, security management, A/C and power. Business centers are also advantageous since they have their own furniture. Business centers in gurgaon offer a good professional ambience which in turn adds a lot of discipline.

The recent superiority in transportation infrastructure such as the metro has added a new dimension to the property structure as well as property growth in Gurgaon.

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