Examples of Compensation Claim

A very famous proverb in Hinduism explains the idea of brotherhood thus:

Examples Of Compensation Claim


Examples Of Compensation Claim

“If you accidentally poked yourself in the eye with your finger, you wouldn’t be angry with your finger – you wouldn’t cut it off. Think of anyone who’s caused you pain like you would think of your own finger”

Examples Of Compensation Claim


Examples Of Compensation Claim

However, now we don’t have to resort to this proverb – we can simply fine a claim and seek compensation. Compensation claims are a legal recourse when we have had to pay for or suffer injuries that were not our fault. Thus, almost any kind of injury comes under its purview. Yet, terms like work accident claim, road accident claim, motorbike claim, slip, trip and fall claim can be quite confusing to someone who’s already suffering. Here’s a list of the kind of claim that you can file.


Generally, all claims relating to injuries suffered on your person – as in, on your body – are called personal injury claims. How these injuries were suffered, what caused them, is how the claims are differentiated with each other. Generally this will depend on the kind of situation you were in.


Let’s say you were walking on the sidewalk and an out-of-control car hits you. You possibly fracture a leg or arm. This would qualify as a road accident claim that has caused a personal injury. Similarly, if you were driving, and were hit by another car – that would be a car accident claim. If you were on a motorbike, it would be a motor bike accident claim. In such cases, you know exactly who’s at fault and can claim compensation from them.


Let’s say you were at a supermarket and you slipped on wet floor and fractured your ankle or your hip. Now ideally, wet areas are supposed to be marked with cautionary signs. If the supermarket failed to do this, you could file a claim for an injury sustained due to slip, trip or fall in a public place. Similarly, if your kid was playing on the swings in a public park and the swing gave away, injuring your child, you could file a claim to secure compensation from the civic authorities responsible for maintaining the park.


Envision another scenario: You constantly have backaches and finally, you were unable to get out of bed one day. Your doctor said it’s because of your posture in the office. On further probing, you realize that it’s actually your office chair that’s causing the pain. Not only you, in fact, many employees are complaining about their backs. All of them are entitled to ask for and to receive compensation for the medical expenses and the suffering they’ve had to undergo.


The underlying factor in all these cases is that the injuries have been caused by another person. Another important factor also is that the injuries have to have happened in the past 3 years from the time you file the claim. 


Any personal injury claim can also be pursued as a no win no fee claim. Find out more about this at claims4negligence.co.uk.

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