Example, Power of the Internet

Example, Power of the Internet,

Example, Power Of The Internet

I received a face book friend request from Robert Kiyosaki the other day.

Example, Power Of The Internet

Robert is the author of the top selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad I believe the book is the top selling motivational book on record. Robert I believe works closely with Donald Trump on some ventures, Internet marketing included.

Example, Power Of The Internet

Both Robert Kiosaki and Donald Trump are on record speaking out about the problem of people not have a financial education as a really big problem that is the reason behind a lot of the poverty and the mess we are currently in, both men say there hope is for everyone to get this financial education as well as there hope is for as many people as possible to become wealthy, I agree with them and hope the same.

I am a home based Internet marketer working with a couple of the top companies in the Internet marketing arena. The main focus of the companies I work with is marketing education, financial education and wealth creation.

I believe nobody will ever be able to create real wealth unless they understand money.

The only way to do this is to receive a financial education. I believe because of some of the very unique information I have been putting online is the reason Robert connected with me through Face Book, he said he liked my profile and would be in touch, I of course accepted the friendship request.

This goes to show the power of the Internet, Robert Kiyosaki along with Donald Trump and myself are all on the same page.

I have written several articles along with several blog posts on the topics just discussed plus several on asset protection that are totally unique, by unique I mean information that the information is really unheard of anywhere by anyone.

I wrote a book titled Evil Genius Exposed, it’s available on Amazon, the information in the book is very delicate you could say, so I did not do any heavy duty promoting but I did want the information to slowly get out and into the hands of people seeking answers as to how a handful of despotic men have managed to take over the world, all governments included.

My book goes into quite a bit of detail as to what someone can do about it on an individual basis, along with how.

I believe I am waking up quite a few people, I know this by some of the comments I receive on my blog posts and articles I’ve written.

When I talk about financial education, I hope to open people’s eye’s to how a society has been enslaved to( without realizing it for the most part) a corrupt monetary system that is robbing them blind, this is a very serious problem that people can protect themselves from to a point.

I believe most people think a financial education only involves learning investing strategies and how to save money. This is a false belief and leads only to keeping them enslaved, poor and without hope.

It amazes me when I see how many people have made government their God, when the truth is governments themselves are nothing but a tool of these despotic hidden International bankers.

I know this as a fact after connecting all the dots and you should Know it too.

The saying goes if you want to become wealthy do what the wealthy do. Use the power of the Internet, just like Robert Kiyosaki is, knowledge is power.

I am grateful Robert Kiyosaki has somehow and somewhere along the line heard about me, I believe because we have the same interests. Robert Kiyosaki being interested shows me that I’m on track and that you should be interested as well.

To learn more about the money conspiracy you can click here onLearn more, this will take you to a site, power of the Internet again where you can learn more about this Conspiracy.

To learn more about the topics just discussed click on link in my bio this will take you to my blog, you will be glad you did.


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