Example Interview Questions

Preparation, preparation, preparation. This is the key to good interview technique; by preparing well you are giving yourself an edge over other candidates. Interview questions can be broken down into several different areas, and through this article we will explore these different types and provide you with sample interview questions you may be asked.

Example Interview Questions

Remember: it is important not to lie – or give the interviewer the answer you think s/he is looking for – because lying creates self-doubt in the unconscious mind, and will be evident to any the interviewer. Answer honestly, but articulately.

Example Interview Questions

Rapport Questions

Example Interview Questions

How was your journey?

Example Interview Questions

Can you tell me about yourself?

Typically, these will be used as an ice-breaker, and although may be about the weather or something current, the conversation may flow for some time. But this makes both of you feel more relaxed and comfortable in each others company, and, if you are going to work for the team, you need to get along with your co-workers. You won’t need to prepare or script answers to these questions; be yourself. Answer in a friendly way and don’t be in a hurry to move the conversation on to the more serious matter in hand.

Past Questions

What achievements are you most proud of?

To date, what have you enjoyed most about your career?

Give me a time where you had to use your initiative in your job.

What does your current role involve?

What changes would you make of you could go back in time?

Rate your level of IT literacy.

These sorts of questions tend to follow the rapport questions, and the interviewer will tend to ask them with your CV in front of them – so be familiar with your CV. Be prepared to answer questions about any gaps in your employment, frequent job changes, exam failures. Be prepared to give reasons, but don’t be overly concerned about them. It may help you to spend about twenty minutes writing answers to the above questions before your interview. Think about the reaction you would expect from the interviewer.

Future Opportunity Questions

Why have you applied for this job?

What research have you done about our company?

What skills can you bring to this role?

What are you longer term career plans?

What are your career plans/goals?

Personality Questions

What is your attitude to authority?

How would you deal with a difficult person?

These questions probe your ability to communicate and get on with others. The interviewer wants to see the way you react – do you um and er?

What do you do in your spare time?

What motivates you and what are your motivations?

What would you do if you won the lottery?

What are your weaknesses for this position?

Define success?

How well can you handle stress?

What process do you go through to make a decision?

What are the three things I should know about you?

What question would you least like me to ask?

Do you have any questions?

Why should I choose you?

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