Email Bundle Providing Best Email Solutions in USA

Searching for a useful email service provider? Email Bundle presents it’s patrons an outstanding way to handle your emails. It offers an excellent solution to your mailbox by virtue of which you can get just one email per day along with all your marketing emails, store mail, newsletters and lots more., you get the option to transform the way you get emails – any time you wish for, categorize any email as unwanted or spam and also have the power to blacklist an entire domain according to your wish.

Email Bundle Providing Best Email Solutions In USA

Emailbundle provides the tracking information to its consumers by showing the status of email sent to every member of an address list. It has the competence to segment an address list and categorize that into interest group, thereby helping the users to send targeted information to people who they believe will value the correspondence.

Email Bundle Providing Best Email Solutions In USA

It also gives its clients an exclusive email address –, which they can refer to anybody they want ranging from commerce sites, dating sites, vendors and merchants to anyone they don’t want to reveal their main email addresses.

Email Bundle Providing Best Email Solutions In USA

So people stuck with email issues can contact email bundle llc, for any query by calling at its toll free number -1-888-900-3012.

Email Bundle Providing Best Email Solutions In USA

Email-bundle gathers all emails you get to your new email address sort out them into predetermined categories and send you only the emails you need to your primary email address. Thus you have the opportunity to choose your own new email address and keep your personal email address confidential.

Highlights of Email Bundle that will help people to make the right decision for their emails:-

 Preparing templates for sending contacts to its customers
 Maintaining a list for subscribers, uploaded by the user for allocating messages. The subscriber list of email bundle llc may be improved with custom fields to hold additional information for every subscriber for filtering and targeted messaging
 Send engine that allows users to distribute their message to the subscribers, updating the subscriber list to repress those requesting to be unsubscribed
 Statistical analysis of each email sent to measure the success rate of the campaigns
 Spam testing to estimate an email against known factors that will place the template at risk of being blocked
 Capability to send both html and plain text formats in order to improve delivery success rates

So its clear that Email Bundle is efficiently made which never reveals your email and keeps your original mailbox clean. It is completely spam controlled and here you can change email address whenever you like without loosing contacts.

Sign up today for email bundle and get yourself treated with the final and only solution for your mailbox. Log on to its website for any question regarding your email and its committed customer service team will give you immediate response to your queries.

Email Bundle LLC abides by some terms and conditions in order to prevent abuse by users and for ensuring that no spam is sent through their systems. Following these provisos, effects best possible delivery of bundle mails with no messages blocked as spam. Thus Email Bundle ensures agreement with legalization and delivers the best in the industry.

Email Bundle is the best email solution provider in New Jersey US for bundle of emails. Go for Emailbundle and feel the change.

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