Electrostatic Flocking Technology And Some Application Examples Of Profile

Fluff with a specific process to weave the fabric surface to increase the fabric’s thickness and the Chinese aesthetic.

Electrostatic Flocking Technology And Some Application Examples Of Profile

Electrostatic Flocking Technology And Some Application Examples Of Profile

Electrostatic flocking process Description: Flocking is the use of the charge repulsion that opposites attract same-sex physical characteristics, so that the negative charge onto villi, the flocking of the objects need to put zero potential or ground conditions, the villi were plants by the different potential to attract , vertical acceleration soar like flocking objects need to surface, caused by the plant coated with adhesive, hair was stuck by the vertical plant, so the charge electrostatic flocking is used produced by the natural characteristics of a productive new process.

Electrostatic Flocking Technology And Some Application Examples Of Profile

Electrostatic Flocking Technology And Some Application Examples Of Profile

Flocking products according to different, select the appropriate flocking, generally divided into three types:

1 flocking flocking machine assembly line style: the flocking assembly line can be realized from the goods on the glue, flocking, drying, floating down a kind of clear the automatic completion, such as: flocking fabric, leather, paper, non-woven cloth, PVC, plastic film, sponge, all kinds of crafts, toys, automotive plastic parts, storage boxes, vehicle sealing tape, molding, plastic boxes, cardboard, calendars, couplets, pictures, plants, gift box velvet printing.

2 Box Flocking: Flocking products according to the instructions of the size, shape to do flocking box, will be plush place in the box, plugged in, this flocking box form a high voltage electric field, are flocking products from Flocking box placed inside the end, after 3-5 seconds of time, after flocking From the other side out of the box, drying or airing shall be finished.

3 nozzle type flocking: plug in the power, generated by tens of thousands flocking machine volt high-voltage static electricity output to the working nozzle, the nozzle onto the negative charge in the nap, and then was sprayed on the adhesive surface of plants mobile nozzle close to the object to be flocked, flock under the effect of the high voltage field which reached from the nozzle to be flocking in the surface, vertical plant like objects in the adhesive coated surface.

Flocking process part of the application examples:

Variety of products can be flocking the surface of the substrate, and not by plant shape, size. Such as: paper, cloth, non-woven fabrics, leather, plastic, glass, metal, rubber, wood, foam, gypsum board, plywood, plastic film, foam, ceramic, resin and so on.

Flocking features: three-dimensional sense of strong, bright colors, feel soft, luxurious elegance, gorgeous warm, vivid, non-toxic tasteless, holding moisture, does not go down, rub, smooth and no gap.

Flocking industries are very broad Representative of the industry: 1 crafts industry: a variety of styles, a variety of materials toys, crafts, photo frame back, gifts, crafts calligraphy and painting, artificial flowers, craft plastic lanterns.

2 packaging industry: jewelry boxes, health care products packing box, wine box, glasses case, marriage certificates, high-grade surface papers, bottles, bags, stickers and paper (board) and so on.

3 automotive industry: automotive rubber seal, automotive interior plastic parts.

4 Other Industry: motorcycle helmets, hanging racks, fire doors, safes, lighting, kitchenware, sanitary ware, furniture, sponge, EVA, various materials hangers.

5 resin, ceramic, plaster, glass, plastic, recycled plastic crafts, toys, surface flocking.

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