Drop Shipping Orders For eBay Traders

Drop shipping is nearly as old as direct marketing business or mail order itself. The principle is a simple one, and goes like this:

Drop Shipping Orders For EBay Traders

1. You put an ad marketing what you do not have, but you know how to get it.

Drop Shipping Orders For EBay Traders

2. Consumer “purchases” product by sending you the money for the product.

Drop Shipping Orders For EBay Traders

3. You get a portion of that money and purchase the product from your provider at a lower cost, having your provider ship directly to your client.

Drop Shipping Orders For EBay Traders

4. Everybody is happy.

When it functions well, drop shipping is an industrialist’s dream, an opportunity to play the great middle man without overhead – you have no shipping hassles, no inventory, and no storefront to transact with. You simply accept money in quantity and send faintly smaller quantities of the money you accept to a 3rd party, maintaining the difference as income.

Errors to avoid when drop shipping via eBay

Certainly, in real life things are hardly ever so simple and direct sellers, who are experienced at drop shipping aware that there are usually steady streams of “hiccups” to be transacted with in most drop shipping industries that do any volume. Even as such hiccups may not have some statistical effect on your industry in a customary drop shipping situation, on eBay they can mean the distinction between failure and success, so it is vital that you treat your drop shipping business on eBay like an eBay business first and a drop shipping system a distant second.

• Keep close tabs on completion times. The best means to do this is to enthusiastically send emails asking your consumers to leave you comment or to fill out any type of satisfaction survey after enabling reasonable time for fulfillment.

• Monitor stocking problems by whatever way is available. It is much more seriously significant that you monitor stocking problems when marketing on eBay than it is when marketing through other direct selling channels.

• Be prepared to arbitrate in returns. On eBay, your sales as well as your capacity to make them both depend on your comment score – a score that is provided to you as the first contact, not as your provider. If your client has a return or exchange issue and is not satisfied with the procedure, it will come down on your head as a trader in a very public means and will unconstructively affect future sales.

As you can start to see, managing a successful industry on eBay involves 2 major concerns – the preservation of your good comment and fulfillment in the context of eBay strategies.

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