Do we really need B-Schools?

Do we really need B-Schools?

Do We Really Need B-Schools?

I was born in an era, where education is not as expensive and competitive as today. But today the things are changed. All education providers are diverted from their principle duties, which I think that they should do. The only purpose behind today’s education is making money, as maximum as you can. I think this is the only profession which completely converted from service to Business. The only reason behind is that there is no regulator to control the education which may play an important role to deliver quality education. The Education Ministry is also not in the right mindset which can purify the real value of education and deliver a better quality education at appropriate cost.

By watching dramatic changes in management education, the question that pops up in mind is Do we really need B-Schools? What should be the basic purpose of any B-School? Are they playing their roles properly? Or don’t we need B-Schools at all? I think that B-Schools should be more than the classroom experiences. It should be the realization of the true picture of your imagination. It should be a place to cultivate your thinking strategies, command over out of the box areas and thought construction process. A student from any prestigious B-School should be able to plan the ideas, programme the idea and project the idea in the real world. 

According to me “Education should not be a source of making money but it should be a mechanism for learning to serve the society”. This is what I believe and I think it is true in every aspect of life. It is not a business at all. It is a way to serve the society by transferring the knowledge from one person to another. A good idea is not enough. You need to know how to transform a good idea into a good business and the way of transforming the ideas in to the business should be searched at B-Schools. And hence I don’t think that there is a necessity of B-Schools to some extent and if it is there, then they should play their role properly.

The best-known B-Schools in the field don’t actually profess the ability to create entrepreneurs; rather they want to nurture their innate ability. B-Schools need to play a catalytic role and should provide experience along with content and knowledge. Today things are changing rapidly and hence businesses today are far more dynamic than they used to be. Management schools are trying to keep themselves abreast of the latest happenings in the corporate world and bring out better leaders and managers. They should be aware of “what industries need”. But management graduates need to understand that the I-know-management approach won’t work in the real world. The only true knowledge lies in knowing that you know nothing. There is always room for more learning and improvement. The true picture of learning and improving yourself is only by real world experience. B-Schools need to teach students to think out of the box and help them to be more innovative and creative rather than thinking conventionally. For instance, every B-School teaches economic crisis profoundly. The real test, however, lies in dealing with such a situation where we use the fundamental knowledge which we have. 

One definition of management is nothing more than “Common Sense”. It is all about common sense. We should enhance our skills, abilities, capacities and knowledge to convert them into some physical existence. In the olden days new businesses had to pass through a distinct phases of growth – Garage, Local, National and International. Today, thanks to the IT revolution start-ups, that can leapfrog these stages and go global right away, encountering a whole new set of challenges. But the person who works in garage is more expertise than any management graduate because they are exposed to stark realities. He knows better than a management graduates how to handle the situations.

There are 1817 management institutes approved by AICTE but why there is shortage of good quality of human resources in India. Why students are not able to capture the jobs? There is a need to refine the whole system to make it completely practical. Curriculum should be based on Case studies so that student can experience the situation and can explore the ideas and come up with better feasible solutions. Management education has long been perceived as a fast and tough track to success. Perhaps business schools need to focus more on leadership, ethics and social responsibility. B-Schools need to teach their students that presence of mind and the ability to take quick decisions are an integral part of the corporate world.

In India, the problem is each and everyone is free to do anything and everything as and when he/she wants. We have a large pool of talent and to use this talent at the right place, we have to modify the education system. We have to follow some strategy to achieve the desired goal because when a middle class people invest the amount around 4 -5 Lakh Rupees on the education of their children by any way, obviously his expectations are more than a mechanic. The social status is a major threat because if anyone wants to do a job for learning, people underestimate the person or job and hence it is a major constraint to many focused people, who may be content with their lives but society makes them feel unhappy.

I don’t think that we need any B-Schools for learning Management/Leadership. These qualities are in-built. We need to explore them in a proper way.  To better understand the concept, we can take a true example of a vegetable vendor. He/she wakes up early morning at 5 o’clock, go to Mandi (A Retail Market), buy vegetables and sell them from morning 08.00 to evening 10.00. This is how they manage their time and use every second of the day, which is also expected from a B-School graduate. While a management graduate from a prestigious B-School may not be able to manage his time efficiently. It means that there is something wrong with our education system. We always have a habit to postpone the things.

You can take other examples of some other country. They create technology and we, In India only use their technology. I think that this is the true leadership concept. We did not create any technology despite huge talent pool of management and technology graduates. I don’t think that other countries also have these many B-Schools. We have a hobby only to play with numbers, not with quality. We can compromise with quality but not with quantity. This is the major problem faced by Indians.

Finally, I don’t think that we really need B-Schools. But yes! If we have, then we need to modify the overall system, which should be more pragmatic than these academics because of that, students are not able to think beyond the books.  Further we can take the example of Mahabharata. During that era, people had not attended any B-School course but they proved themselves that they were the leaders. Take the example of all Freedom Fighters; they prove that the very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.


MAHENDRA K Patidar is a Computer Engineer currently pursuing PGDM with Banking, Insurance and Financial Services from Institute of Public Enterprise Hyderabad. Hes ia a founder of NGO named as PRATIGYA Foundation, which work for rural segment of the country. He is also writing a book titled as “Where we are going..???” A facet of rural India: Problems and Prospects. He like to write articles. His previous articles include “Literacy and Economic Development”, “Madhya Pradesh: Undermined or Undermanaged” and “High-Tech INDIA: Still a DREAM”.

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