Digital and High Definition Television

Television plays a part in most people’s lives and is depended upon for a wide variety of uses in modern day living. It’s a reliable source of news, as well as something that provides entertainment in many shapes and forms and educates.

Digital And High Definition Television

Television content is arguably a reflection of society and culture and the quality and variety of programming has diversified and developed over the years to reflect consumer demands.

Digital And High Definition Television

Standard terrestrial television in the United Kingdom consists of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) network as well as the commercial networks, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel Five.

Digital And High Definition Television

The BBC broadcasts eight public service television channels which are publicly funded through television licensing as they do not feature any kind of advertising or sponsorship.

Digital And High Definition Television

ITV, which is an abbreviation of ‘independent television’, is licensed regionally so each district broadcasts a mix of national and local programmes. Regionally targeted television means you can benefit from programming that covers local issues.

Channel 4 launched in 1982 and is best known for ground breaking documentaries, cutting-edge drama, film commissions and youth programming.

Channel Five is the most recent addition to terrestrial television, with the first broadcast taking place in 1997. This channel is host to a whole variety of different programmes, including documentaries, films and wildlife.

Terrestrial television offerings offer a large degree of variety but several million British households have opted to also have Digital Satellite Television (DSAT). This service was launched within Britain in October 1998 and has proved a popular choice for a wide spectrum of consumers.

One of the main benefits of digital satellite television, and a key reason why it is so widely used in Britain, is due to the increased choice of channels when compared to terrestrial. There are hundreds of channels to choose from, covering almost every genre you can think of. From news to documentaries, sports to popular music and drama to music, digital satellite television caters for every imaginable taste.

As well as increased channel choices, another distinct advantage of digital satellite television is the flexibility offered when it comes to choosing which channels you actually want to subscribe to. You can create your own digital television packages based on the programmes and genres you love to watch the most, so you only pay for the channels you really use.

High definition digital television (HDTV) is one of the more recent offerings of the digital revolution. HDTV makes use of the latest technology to bring sharper television pictures into your home and because of this it is fast becoming a popular option with digital television and Sky HD viewers throughout Britain. A clearer picture, higher quality and ever increasing channel choices means more and more television viewers are opting for HDTV.

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